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Hey guys welcome back to my blog.

Okay so today i'm going to share with you guys, specially for you who have dry - normal skin. 

Well, my skin has changed since i changed my skincare routine. 
I had hard time and struggle with Acne. 
But then the Acne Gone, welcome to dry skin! It might be peeling off, super dry, rough. You know kinda thang! 

But i have a good news for you if you have same skin problem or similar with my skin. 

Okay, so I know this brand from Kim Kardashian's Instagram Make Up Artist, He is the one and only Mario Dedivanovic. 
Hell yeah! It's him! 
And i stalked lol Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram and she uses this brand too! 
Tatcha regram from Kourtney! 

So when the Kardashian sister having a good time with this skincare, i will definitely buy this. Lol
I keep up with the kardashian better than myself. Hahahhah. 

Michelle Phan


 And last but not least, my fave Jaclyn Hill 
She raves about this a lot and god damn it i can see the result right away after she spray the facial mist on her face. 
That's why i trust and no hesitation to purchase this products. 

This is called TATCHA! 
Tatcha is Japanese Skincare Inspired by Geisha. Tatcha products are made in  JAPAN, but they don't sell it or counter to shop in Japan. 
It's geisha Inspired but distribute to US
Well, you can purchase this to the web, and they ship worldwide! It is available too at Barneys. 

I purchased them all. I want healthy glowing skin. 

I have dry skin and i need this to make my skin more luminous, glowy and radiant of course. 

From what it claims: 

A deeply hydrating blend of Okinawa red algae and hyaluronic acid to soothe and firm skin in need of hydration

I picked luminous deep hydration firming serum! 

Made in Japan. 

I don't really like the white pump over there, it makes the total whole look looks cheap! 

But that's not a big deal, what is important is what inside of it. 

It is calming my skin which is great and makes my skin soft and smooth. 

I have dry skin and i need products that could soothe and firm my skin better. And this Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Serum delivers that job. 

Even it contains Alcohol inside of it, it doesn't make my skin dry. Alcohol tends to dry out the skin texture, but this one is not. It keeps my skin moist. I'm pretty sure that Tatcha really put everything in details on the laboratories. So don't worry guys! 

There are some ingredients inside of it that gives us natural glow and radiance look to brighten our skin. But i'm not gonna lie to you guys that this product is not giving you super bright look even you apply this routine. This is not brighten products! 
Go grab another serum if you want to brighten your look! 

But it gives you radiant glow. 

This one focuses on firming and Making our skin more luminous and smooth.  

I have done so many dermatologist and this serum makes my make up look smooth. Really i love this serum! 
It makes my make up looks so great and smooth even in the peeled off areas. 
I can see the difference whether i put this under the make up and no. 

Price is 95$ for 1 fl.oz., pretty expensive but worth every penny. 

No stick or greasy  feeling even under the make up. It looks great under the make up. 

Smells great. No heavy scent that lingering to my nose. 

The texture is liquid gel kinda things. But it is not so liquidy. 

This serum is not giving me irritation, that is good! 

I do recommend you to subscribe the website and there's quiz there to know about your skin condition and to know what products do you need 

How to use it is simple 

Wash your face 
Put lotion or toner 
Tatcha Deep HYDRATIN Firming Serum 
Beauty Oil( optional ) to lock everything inside of it. 

That's it. 

See you soon guys! Bye

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  1. Been wanting to try Tatcha long long time.. but the price tag is a bit steep hiks2.. My skin is also easily dehydrated, so this serum is definitely one in my wish list hehehe thank you for reviewing, Lidia. Salam kenal ya :)

    1. Yeah the price tag is steep but it is worth every penny. Go grab it ans see the difference under the make up. Salami kenal juga ya


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