Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Another lipstick review! Yassss!
As i have mention before that i'm not a big fan of liquid lipstick ( i have dry lips) but really i just can't resist and handle myself not to buy it. 

Okay so today i'm going to review this LA SPLASH liquid lipstick in shade Latte Confession. 
The color is so pretty. Exact same with Lime Crime Riot! Is that really dupe? 
Check this out! 

In the middle is LA Splash Latte Confession. 

Gosh,this is exact same color with Lime Crime RIOT,BUT ...... 

Really guys I don't like this that much. 
The reason is the smells is like Paint! 
Really not good at all. 

The second is it really makes my lips drier. 

The color is pretty but the scent is ughhhhh! 

This liquid lipstick stay like hell yeah forever! Lol. 
Even when you eat, drink even kiss your boyfriend. 
It will stay on your lips without having give trouble to your partner. Haha! 

It is cheaper than other brand such as lime crime, anastasia beverly hills, girlatic, kat von d etc. 

There are so many colors available. 
There are so many colors that dupe for lime crime. 

Worth the.hype?  Hmmm i should grab another brand i guess . 
I don't like this at all.  
Smells, it makes my lips super dry.  

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