Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Caudalie Paris Instant Detox Mask Deeply Cleanse Minimizing Pores Review

Hey guys welcome back to my blog! 
So huge pores? Ewwww but really guys we are human and we are tend to have that kinda pores! 

Remove the pores? Impossible! 
Shrink the pores? Hell yeah! 

So when you put the make up on and in the nose area, you will find so many huge pores that comes to haunt you! Lol! 

But nowadays, you will find so many mask that helps you to reduce or minimize the visible pores. 

So today i'm going to introduce you my holy moly grail products. It's Caudalie Instant Detox Face Mask. 

I know i know maybe some of you think that why not Glam Glow? 
But i prefer this a lot! 

They comes in 4 different variants and focus on the different target as well. 

If you have dry skin and want brighten it up, try the left one --- peeling! 

If you have some acne, blemishes, try the ----purifying mask 

If you have pores that you want to minimize ---- try the instant detox mask. 

If your skin so so freakin dehydrated---- try the white one. 

Maque Instant Detox! 
Caudalie is French brand and they are based on natural ingredients. 

They have amazing skincare lines and wow most of them works amazing! Really. 
The serum is great and the exfoliate product is so damn amazing. 

Made from safe natural ingredients. No pharaben or whatsoever that harm your skin. 

Comes in tube. 
Easy to travel with. 
75 ml. 
Apply with thin layers, twice in week. 

It claims that this mask eliminates impurities and toxins to tighten your pores and renew skin texture. 

This is how it looks like when i pump it out. 
The mask is a liitle bit red orange color. 

My experience : 

Wow this mask is great. 
I apply this thin layers with my hand. 
I leave it 5-10 minutes and let it dry and then it will tighten your face. Really tight in good ways. 

Damn gurl look at my pics. It is really gross hahaha but really it shown up all the pores i had. 

Rinse it with water and you will see the instant result that this mask brighten your face. 

It gives you no itchy or burn feelings which is great! 

It should be used twice a week, but i want to know the result if i use it 3 days in row. 
And my pores is smaller. It feels great to know this. 

Sorry guys. I know its gross. But really you can see clearly. 
I want you to know the details very well. 
It feels tight but then rinse it and voila glow and brighten. 

See you in next post guys 

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  1. where u get that? I've pores problem too

  2. I've heard good things about this caudalie product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.

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