Thursday, August 6, 2015

Asian Make Up Style VS America Make Up Style

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. 

Okay so today i'm going to share with you my FOTD American Vs Asian Make Up style. 

I know i know i have done this before, but really i want to blog about this look! Lol 

So i'm sure you know the difference between that two styles! 

Asian style VS American Style! 
Which one do you like? 
Share with me! 

As you guys know i don't really like my small eyes. I want big eyes with deep lid and i have crease. So it is easier for me to create beautiful shadow look. 
But was born this way with flat eyes no lid or crease! I have to draw and imagine that i have crease lol. 

Lashes is my thang! Thanks who invented false lashes! So much importance to me! Lashes is my thang! 

Products that i used: 

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1 comment:

  1. I like the asian style more. :) Looks mysterious and exotic at the same time. Hehehe.


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