Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mac Lipstick Color Sin Review and Swatch

Another Mac Lip Color, in the shade Sin! Hell yeah of course it's matte! 
My favorite texture all the time even they drying tho! 

As always classic black packaging from Mac! 

Look at that color! 
So damn deep burgundy colors that perfect for fall / autumn season! 
It has brown undertone i think, it's not that red burgundy! It's deeper than that! 
One swipe that's enough! 
this lipstick is extremely opaque! Colors pay off, really! 

If you asked me what is the difference between diva and sin, they are different! 
Diva has more reddish color than Sin! Sin more brownish red! 

That's what i pick for fall: autumn 2015! 
What's yours? 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Caudalie Paris Instant Detox Mask Deeply Cleanse Minimizing Pores Review

Hey guys welcome back to my blog! 
So huge pores? Ewwww but really guys we are human and we are tend to have that kinda pores! 

Remove the pores? Impossible! 
Shrink the pores? Hell yeah! 

So when you put the make up on and in the nose area, you will find so many huge pores that comes to haunt you! Lol! 

But nowadays, you will find so many mask that helps you to reduce or minimize the visible pores. 

So today i'm going to introduce you my holy moly grail products. It's Caudalie Instant Detox Face Mask. 

I know i know maybe some of you think that why not Glam Glow? 
But i prefer this a lot! 

They comes in 4 different variants and focus on the different target as well. 

If you have dry skin and want brighten it up, try the left one --- peeling! 

If you have some acne, blemishes, try the ----purifying mask 

If you have pores that you want to minimize ---- try the instant detox mask. 

If your skin so so freakin dehydrated---- try the white one. 

Maque Instant Detox! 
Caudalie is French brand and they are based on natural ingredients. 

They have amazing skincare lines and wow most of them works amazing! Really. 
The serum is great and the exfoliate product is so damn amazing. 

Made from safe natural ingredients. No pharaben or whatsoever that harm your skin. 

Comes in tube. 
Easy to travel with. 
75 ml. 
Apply with thin layers, twice in week. 

It claims that this mask eliminates impurities and toxins to tighten your pores and renew skin texture. 

This is how it looks like when i pump it out. 
The mask is a liitle bit red orange color. 

My experience : 

Wow this mask is great. 
I apply this thin layers with my hand. 
I leave it 5-10 minutes and let it dry and then it will tighten your face. Really tight in good ways. 

Damn gurl look at my pics. It is really gross hahaha but really it shown up all the pores i had. 

Rinse it with water and you will see the instant result that this mask brighten your face. 

It gives you no itchy or burn feelings which is great! 

It should be used twice a week, but i want to know the result if i use it 3 days in row. 
And my pores is smaller. It feels great to know this. 

Sorry guys. I know its gross. But really you can see clearly. 
I want you to know the details very well. 
It feels tight but then rinse it and voila glow and brighten. 

See you in next post guys 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Guide To Mac Lipstick Finishes Jenis Jenis Lipstick

Banyak orang yang kurang tau beda nya jenis lipstick. Nah kali ini aku mau share perbedaan jenis lipstick. 

Banyak yang bilang lipstick ini ga cocok , ini itu. Nah itu karena kalian ga bedain jenis lipstick dan ga sadar beberapa jenis lipstick buat bibir jadi ngelupas. Atau misal ih kok lipstick ini cuma 2 jam udah hilang! Nah karena kalian cuma beli tanpa tahu jenis nya. Don't blame the lipstick or the brand! Blame yourself cause you have no enough knowledge about lipstick! Lol! 

So lets check this out ya. 
Kalian pasti bakal tahu beda nya dan yang mana yang lebih cocok bagi kalian. 

A Guide to lipstick Finishes! 

Thanks to Miss M ya udah kasih ide 😂😘 

Liquid Lipstick : lagi booming. Texture nya liquid. Let it dry for few seconds bakal berubah jadi matte! And biasanya Waterproof - Kissproof - Non transferable. Mau minum, makan, 👄💋👄💋 ga bakal nempel dah! Jamin haha. 
(Lime Crime, Anastasia, Kat Von D, La splash) 
Cocok untuk di pesta tanpa takut kelihatan cap bibir di gelas. Haha. 

Matte : plg tahan lama, No shimmer, no Glitter. Warna nya intense. Tapi biasanya bikin bibir kering, ngelupas. Color pay off intinya dan apabila kamu mau pergi pesta malam takut re apply lipstick, i highly recommend this type! 
( Mac sin, Candy Yum Yum, Russian Red, Gerard Cosmetics Etc). But this one is my favorite! 

Satin : seperti matte finish nya, tapi ga bikin bibir super kering sprt Matte. Warna nya intense juga. Yg pgn hasil matte tapi takut bibir ngelupas kering dsb coba Satin! Lebih enak dibibir dan less drying kan. 
( Mac Rebel, Myth, Fleshpot) 

Amplified : warna nya intense, sedikit glossy shine. Biasanya agak terang warnanya. Texture nya creamy dia juga less drying. Matte jauh lbh tahan lama dibanding Amplified. Beda nya dengan Satin adalah Amplified lebih Creamy gitu. 
( mac morange, mac viva glam miley cyrus) . 

Cremesheen: creamy banget, glossy shine gitu. Paling nyaman di bibir karena ga ada drying effect. Biasanya neutral shade ya rata". Tapi ga tahan lama! Jadi kalo kamu mau glossy effect with a little bit shimmer on it, try this! Cocok untuk dipakai sehari hari without heavy feelings. 
( mac Creme Cup, Pure Zen, shu uemura lipstick shine ) 

Glaze: paling ga tahan lama. Glossy - shimmery finish. Yg punya long hair dan cuaca lagi berangin, jangan pake jenis ini. Hahah. Bayangin rambut km nempel nempel cenderung sticky! Hahaha. 

Masih banyak yg lain seperti Frost: ini glitter shimmery creamy gitu. Dikatakan tahan lama ya sedang ajah. 


Hope it helps ya! 
Masih banyak lagi sebetulnya. 
Taoi hanya yang aku sebutkan diatas yang aku punya. I don't have Lustre, Amplified cream or whatsoever. Jadi aku ga masukkan dalam list, kenapa? 
Karena aku takut info nanti yang aku berikan kurang valid. Because i have no experience with it. Bisa ajah aku tulis  dan jelaskan, tapi aku ga ngasal ceplas ceplos gitu. Banyak blog lain juga yang kasih info untuk Lustre misalnya, walaupun aku tahu beda nya tapi i don't have any experience with that types, really i want to tell me but then i'm afraid that one day you will put the blame on me and that's not funny! Lol! 

Better stick sama apa yang aku punya dan share itu sama kalian daripada sotoy ya. 
What's Your fave types? 

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Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey guys welcome back to my blog.

Okay so today i'm going to share with you guys, specially for you who have dry - normal skin. 

Well, my skin has changed since i changed my skincare routine. 
I had hard time and struggle with Acne. 
But then the Acne Gone, welcome to dry skin! It might be peeling off, super dry, rough. You know kinda thang! 

But i have a good news for you if you have same skin problem or similar with my skin. 

Okay, so I know this brand from Kim Kardashian's Instagram Make Up Artist, He is the one and only Mario Dedivanovic. 
Hell yeah! It's him! 
And i stalked lol Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram and she uses this brand too! 
Tatcha regram from Kourtney! 

So when the Kardashian sister having a good time with this skincare, i will definitely buy this. Lol
I keep up with the kardashian better than myself. Hahahhah. 

Michelle Phan


 And last but not least, my fave Jaclyn Hill 
She raves about this a lot and god damn it i can see the result right away after she spray the facial mist on her face. 
That's why i trust and no hesitation to purchase this products. 

This is called TATCHA! 
Tatcha is Japanese Skincare Inspired by Geisha. Tatcha products are made in  JAPAN, but they don't sell it or counter to shop in Japan. 
It's geisha Inspired but distribute to US
Well, you can purchase this to the web, and they ship worldwide! It is available too at Barneys. 

I purchased them all. I want healthy glowing skin. 

I have dry skin and i need this to make my skin more luminous, glowy and radiant of course. 

From what it claims: 

A deeply hydrating blend of Okinawa red algae and hyaluronic acid to soothe and firm skin in need of hydration

I picked luminous deep hydration firming serum! 

Made in Japan. 

I don't really like the white pump over there, it makes the total whole look looks cheap! 

But that's not a big deal, what is important is what inside of it. 

It is calming my skin which is great and makes my skin soft and smooth. 

I have dry skin and i need products that could soothe and firm my skin better. And this Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Serum delivers that job. 

Even it contains Alcohol inside of it, it doesn't make my skin dry. Alcohol tends to dry out the skin texture, but this one is not. It keeps my skin moist. I'm pretty sure that Tatcha really put everything in details on the laboratories. So don't worry guys! 

There are some ingredients inside of it that gives us natural glow and radiance look to brighten our skin. But i'm not gonna lie to you guys that this product is not giving you super bright look even you apply this routine. This is not brighten products! 
Go grab another serum if you want to brighten your look! 

But it gives you radiant glow. 

This one focuses on firming and Making our skin more luminous and smooth.  

I have done so many dermatologist and this serum makes my make up look smooth. Really i love this serum! 
It makes my make up looks so great and smooth even in the peeled off areas. 
I can see the difference whether i put this under the make up and no. 

Price is 95$ for 1 fl.oz., pretty expensive but worth every penny. 

No stick or greasy  feeling even under the make up. It looks great under the make up. 

Smells great. No heavy scent that lingering to my nose. 

The texture is liquid gel kinda things. But it is not so liquidy. 

This serum is not giving me irritation, that is good! 

I do recommend you to subscribe the website and there's quiz there to know about your skin condition and to know what products do you need 

How to use it is simple 

Wash your face 
Put lotion or toner 
Tatcha Deep HYDRATIN Firming Serum 
Beauty Oil( optional ) to lock everything inside of it. 

That's it. 

See you soon guys! Bye

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Friday, August 14, 2015

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Candy Yum Yum Review

Another lipstick review!
Of course it's Mac! My fave brand for lipstick. 

Price : 260.000 
Purchase it from Sogo. 

The swatch. 
It's vibrant pink. Very young girly pink! 
The texture is Matte. 
No glitter - no shimmer - dry of course- color pay off- great pigmentation. 

I don't have to write long review about this lipstick. 
Cause it is very common and i'm sure that really All make up artist have this mac lipstick. 

I'm sure you know about this best seller lipstick. 

Moisturizer : Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin 
T zone area : Shu Uemura Pore Eraser 
Dry side : Make Up For Ever HD Primer 
Foundation : Albion Tight Film 050
Gel Liner : Shu Uemura gel liner. 
Concealer : Mac Pro Long wear 
Powder : Shu Uemura Matte Loose powder 
Contour : Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
Blush : Too Faced ( inside the No make up make up palette) 
Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist 
Lips: Mac Candy Yum Yum 
Eyeshadow : Urban Decay Naked 3 
Highlighters : The Balm Mary Lou 

That's all. 
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Another lipstick review! Yassss!
As i have mention before that i'm not a big fan of liquid lipstick ( i have dry lips) but really i just can't resist and handle myself not to buy it. 

Okay so today i'm going to review this LA SPLASH liquid lipstick in shade Latte Confession. 
The color is so pretty. Exact same with Lime Crime Riot! Is that really dupe? 
Check this out! 

In the middle is LA Splash Latte Confession. 

Gosh,this is exact same color with Lime Crime RIOT,BUT ...... 

Really guys I don't like this that much. 
The reason is the smells is like Paint! 
Really not good at all. 

The second is it really makes my lips drier. 

The color is pretty but the scent is ughhhhh! 

This liquid lipstick stay like hell yeah forever! Lol. 
Even when you eat, drink even kiss your boyfriend. 
It will stay on your lips without having give trouble to your partner. Haha! 

It is cheaper than other brand such as lime crime, anastasia beverly hills, girlatic, kat von d etc. 

There are so many colors available. 
There are so many colors that dupe for lime crime. 

Worth the.hype?  Hmmm i should grab another brand i guess . 
I don't like this at all.  
Smells, it makes my lips super dry.  

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Asian Make Up Style VS America Make Up Style

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. 

Okay so today i'm going to share with you my FOTD American Vs Asian Make Up style. 

I know i know i have done this before, but really i want to blog about this look! Lol 

So i'm sure you know the difference between that two styles! 

Asian style VS American Style! 
Which one do you like? 
Share with me! 

As you guys know i don't really like my small eyes. I want big eyes with deep lid and i have crease. So it is easier for me to create beautiful shadow look. 
But was born this way with flat eyes no lid or crease! I have to draw and imagine that i have crease lol. 

Lashes is my thang! Thanks who invented false lashes! So much importance to me! Lashes is my thang! 

Products that i used: 

Follow me on instagram, cause i'm going to do next giveaway for you guys! 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Swatch Review and Comparisons of Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick

Welcome to the liquid lipstick world! 
It is so much hype about liquid lipstick. 
Well actually I'm not a big fan of liquid lipstick, but they are so freakin pretty awesome and i just can't resist. 
Who's with me? 

I bought......
I know i know.
A lot of you probably say " why you keep supporting such shaddy company?" 

Let me explain it to you, okay! 
Just calm down! 

Lime Crime is company that produce liquid lipstick. So many people raves about this, but the bad news is the website of Lime Crime is not that safe. 
They took money from the customer without the customer knowing them. 
Yeah it is cyber crime actually. 
I feel so bad and so sorry to all of you guys that happen to you. 
So manny people have to sell her precious thing to pay the bill of the credit card. That's crazy! 
So many people have to pay such huge amount that they don't actually know that could happen. 

Okay you might hate me because i still use this products. 
But whether you are lime crime lovers or just a haters, lets be real that they create such a gorgeous shade and recently so many company try to create their dupe! We have to admit that they create such beautiful color that irreplaceable. 

They came out in new shades, they are
shroom- brownish color but lighter than salem. 
Faded - a little bit purple with hint of pink. 
Bleached - i don't know what color is this , just gorgeous! Coral but little bit pink and kinda nude! Holy moly how to describe this color! 

This is how it looks like! 

Oh my gosh from the packaging and everything just so perfect! 

Remember that I AM NOT being paid or whatsoever! I love this ! 

The swatch!

It is a little bit pale in that pic, because of the lighting! But the swatch is real. You get what you see!

The color is so pigmented
Not making my lips super dry! 
That's why i love Lime Crime! 
But hell Yeah it is dry but really guys totally different from LA splash.
You better moisturize your lips with lip balm then move to your lip liner orliquid  lipstick. 
Remove it with cleansing oil or make up remover. That's enough. 
Smells good, totally different from LA splash. Vanilla scent. 

Price : 370.000

Hmm i think that's it. 
Bye guys 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Review : Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Essence Facial Mask White Vitamin CReview

Recently i bought so many Japan Stuffs. Drugstore or Highend too. 
Let me focus on the drugstore first because it's kinda hard to find in our country, Indonesia right? 
You can find the high end such as Albion, Kose, SK-II, Menard, Shiseido, Cle De Peau, over here or Singapore ( Albion) . 

I bought this face mask. 
All japanese girl loves their face mask. 
It gives you refresh feeling after you wash your face. 
I picked this Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Facial Mask White Vitamin C. 

The packaging is always good yeah.
From what it claims : 

Clear Turn makes it easy to give your skin anti-aging spa treatments at home. Biodegradable paper facial mask infused with natural moisturizing Adlay Extract brightens skin tone, leaving skin moist and clear in just 5 minutes.

Uses deep ocean water to hydrate skin and keep skin soft.
Three-layer soft sheet made with environmentally friendly materials holds more liquid and fits curves of your face well.
Weakly acidic, no fragrance, no colorant, and no alcohol.
Product Size: 30 facial masks in a convenient countertop container

You can purchase it , click on the link or just asked your personal shopper to get it for you! 

It's a month facial mask.
Or you can apply it 2-3 a weeks. 

Price : 225.000 for 30 face mask.

Can't even read that to!

Ingredients : 
Ingredients : Water, propylene glycol, behenyl alcohol, ethylhexyl palmitate, dimethicone, cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, orange oil, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, hot spring water, hydrolyzed wheat protein, BG (butylene glycol), BHT (butylhydroxytoluene), disodium EDTA, PEG-45m, triethanolamine, alcohol, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, citric acid, phytosteryl rice branate,hydroxyethylcellulose, polyquaternium-10, sodium lauryl sulfate, ethylparaben, phenoxyethanol, propylparaben, methylparaben, sodium benzoate, fragrance, CI 61570, CI 15510
Source: seller on amazon. Click the link above to find out. 

How to apply that is simple: 
Wash your face with your favorite facial wash. 

Apply booster if you want so. Cause it will helps the vitamine on the mask absorb better. My booster is from Estee Lauder Micro Essence. 

Take a sheet of this mask and gently put in on my face 

You can relax while you put this face mask on. 15 minutes is kore than enough. 

You can massage it after you remove this face mask. Gently ok! 

Well actually you can use it as toner for daily basis. It is totally safe to use it everyday. 

Then you can put your moisturizer, serum  etc. 

My opinion about this face mask is great! 
No strong fragrance. 
Gives you refresh feeling.
Tight in good way result.
Clear and bright skin. 
And youthful. 
I'm not gonna overpowering the review cause of course the job is different than serum or moisturizer. 

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