Friday, July 24, 2015

Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi Review

Oh my gosh! It's Ghalichiglam! Yayyyyyyy! 

I'm in love with her so so so much. 
She's just truly inspiring person for me. 
Lilly Ghalichi is one of the star in Shahs Of the Sunset. 
She is attorneys, graduated from law faculty and her deepest love is in fashion and beauty! 

Smart? Yeahhh! 
Pretty? Gosh, do i have to explain? It's a yassss! 
Rich? What do you think huh? 
Fab- Glam - Gorg - bomb! 

She creates the beautiful lashes. 
I ordered them, cause i love her and i want to glam up like her. 

There are so many types of the lashes, they are human hair, mink, and 3D mink! 
I picked 3D mink of course. 

Mink lashes is reusable till 20 times. 
Of course you have to treat it so well tho if you want that last longer. 
Totally different from human hair that last, maybe 2 times only. 

I picked " Vegas "style! 

Vegas is the most dramatic from her line! 
I have small hooded eyes, typically Chinese eyes. You can imagine how my eyes right ? 

I picked in 'Vegas' style, just because i want more power to open up my eyes. I need big fat lashes to make my eyes glam. 

If i go natural lashes, it won't look good at all. I know my eyes so well. 
I want drama to push it up! 

It comes in a little box and ta daaaaa the lashes! 
Agree with me right? It's pretty!! 

Price is $30 i guess, exclude shipping fee. IDR 600.000-700.000 for a pairs of lashes ( 30x13.500: 405.000 - exclude shipping. Jadi 600-700.000 sudah sama shipping) 

You can purchase it from the website they ship worldwide too! 

Anywhere we are anywhere we go- bring your lilly lashes to get glam look everyday! 

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