Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guerlain Parure De Lumiere Foundation Review

It is always nice to have new foundation to your vanity. Yes i love foundation so much. I have huge amount of it and keep looking something great foundation. 

I tried Guerlain Parure De Lumiere. There are so many types of Guerlain's  foundation. 
They are : 
Lingerie De peau which gives you very natural finish like lingerie lol. That foundation super light coverage. 
If you have perfectly beautiful healthy gorgeous skin, Lingerie De Peau is great choice- Or if you love super light finish just to even out even to show some freckles like that! 

And we have the PARURE DE LUMIERE which has more coverage than Lingerie De Peau! I picked this one because of that, yass because it provides more coverage than the Lingerie De Peau! 

Parure de lumiere divided into 2 types, they are liquid and creme one! 

Liquid good for all skin types and creme is good for dry skin! 
I have dry skin tho but i prefer the liquid one cause hust pump it out, no need to use spatula for cream! 

The next it Parure Gold. Which super duper delight for mature skin. 
You know Samer Khouzami, the world famous Lebanese Make Up Artist , used this Parure Gold foundation on some clients. It gives you full coverage even in small amount. 

I picked Parure De Lumiere. 

Well, All Guerlain foundation has strong scent. If you don't like any fragrance on foundation, this definitely not for you. 
But i don't mind at all if the foundation has strong scent on it. 

This is how it looks. 
It looks so fancy! 

It has spf 25 good for your skin. 
And i don't see that it gives you super white cast when it comes to flash photography. 
So good for it! Yay!! 

It comes in pump and clear glass! 
I love clear glass so much to see how many left of foundation. 

Kinda heavy cause it glass. 
It looks fancy that's why i love this packaging! Lol 

30 ml standard of foundation amount. 
About the shades, well to be honest i don't like how Guerlain provides only few shades on its line. 

This parure de Lumiere only comes in 8 -9 shades different i guess. 

Start with 02,03,23......,31,32 blah blah blah. 

That's how Guerlain numbering methong to define the colors. 
Start with 0, it means give you natural-beige colors.

Start with 2, for people with pink undertone. 

And start with 3 for yellow undertone. 
It's yassss for me cause i'm on yellow undetone. 
But let me tell you something that this yellow undetone only available online i guess for US. 
And only number 31- ambre pale that sellable online. 

And 32- Ambre Clair its Asia Exclusive! 
You will find 31,32 on Asia of course. Don't worry people with Yellow Undetone ! Lol . 
But i noticed that in Sephora Singapore 32 is not available anymore. 
I got this from Sephora in Singapore and this one is the last bottle! 
They stopped producing this colors! 
Lucky me right?!?!?!?


About the coverage, it claims to have medium and builable. But i think this ine is light to medium coverage! 
It dries so fast.
 So you better blend it directly. ( on my dry skin- it dries super quick) lol. 

Blendable ? Yes! 
Buildable? Yes! 

Dont feel heavy at all nor it likes something on my face. 
Still looks natural tho! 

You need concealer to cover up some spot! 

I recommend you to apply primer if you have oily skin. 

It stays up to 10 hours on my face. 
Looks radiant ? Yassss! 

How many pumps you need? 
Totally depend on your face okay! 
I need 3-4 pumps cause i want more coverage! 

I have read so many reviews said that it oxidize so bad, like 3-4 shades darker after few hours! 

IN MY OPINION , they are not oxidize that bad! It is normal when your foundation oxidize a little bit but come on guys is not that bad tho! 
Maybe you def need to set everything and it wouldn't oxidize that much. 

In MY CASE, I always set everything and it's stay right there and not oxidize that much. 
I still look good on 6-8 hours. Not darker at all till 3-4 shades darker. 

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