Friday, June 5, 2015

Yazbukey for Shu Uemura Anti Oxi Skin Refining Anti - Dullness Cleansing Oil Review

Shu Uemura is Japanese Brand and most well known for the cleansing Oil! 
Yas i'm sure you have already know about this. 
So i don't need to introduce more , cause Shu Uemura is very popular among beauty bloggers. 

Shu Uemura, i mean most all of the Japanese brands are quite pricey.
 This cleansing oil comes in 2 sizes: 
Smaller one, 150 ml for about 500.000
And 450 ml Rp, 1.100.000
So it is much better to purchase the bigger size cause that's save up the money. 

Shu Uemura always collab with great designers or artists, they are Takashi Murakami, Mika, Karl and the newest one with Yazbukey. 

Who is Yazbukey? 
Source: shu uemura singapore. 

Shu shu! 

The are so many types / ranges for the cleansing oil itself. It depends on your own skin problems. Sensitive, Dull, normal, whatever, Shu Uemura provides it for you! Lol. 

I picked the green bottle, which is Anti Oxi. I feel like my skin really need good products and tired from environmental harmness. Pollutions etc. 

It claims that on Shu Uemura Website : 
Anti-pollution power blows away dull, yellow look. The innovative combination of moringa extract and green tea extract creates a result of glowing clarity and refined smoothness. 
shu uemura introduces the innovative anti-pollution power of Moringa extract. Combined with legendary anti-oxidative Green Tea extract, it instantly captures and clears pollutants that accelerate aging stress. 
It's our no.1 cleansing oil, reborn. 

It removes the make up so great! 
I'm sure you know this too, specially if you have heavy full glam or full coverage. 

You need 2-3 pumps for me yeah. Cause i am full glam team! Lol. Even the direction to apply 3-4 pumps, you can control how many pump you need in your face. 

Use it dry! Then rub it or massage it! 

it turns milky/ foam when you out water on it . 

Rinse it clean 
And welcome to bare face! 

The bottle is huge kinda heavy if you bring this to travel with! 

Smells great! 
Perfect for all skin type, even oily skin! 

The texture is oil and moist on my skin . 

I don't think i need to explain to you very details about this cause i'm sure you have known this products so well. 

This is the limited edition and i want to blog about this. 
Just same as regular cleansing oil in difference packaging! 

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  1. The price makes me like *gasp!*
    But Japanese brand's quality is two thumbs up!
    I never use cleansing oil, even I'm actually curious
    I want to try Pixy cleansing oil that has Japanese writing on the bottle, and I always have my eye on it everytime I walk pass by it in the supermarket

    Sylvia's World

    1. You should try Shu Cleansing Oil. Hehehe


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