Monday, June 1, 2015

Versace Eros Pour Femme Perfume EDP Review

I'm huge fan of lux perfume! 
Always into classy, lux, flowery smells. 

Recently, I bought so many perfumes and lotions. Will review later yeah. 

And when Versace's Instagram post about this perfume, one thing on my mind i'm gonna get this no matter what! 
Even this perfume was launch in the end 2014, but here in my country, Indonesia is available on May 13,2015. 
What the F@$k! Lol! 

In 2012, Versace Launched the Masculine one which is the blue bottle and of course the medusa head , called Eros! It was huge success and Versace came into this idea to put the feminime side into the bottle. 

Damn gurl bam!!!! 

Eros is God of love and the goal of Eros Pour Femme campaign was to present that Eros was seduced and to suggest the strength of a woman," stated Donatella Versace. 

This is how it looks like. Look at that damn gurl. Gold Goddess Greek oh my Gorgeous! 

EDP of course! 

So you know the symbol very well! Say hi to Medusa! 
This perfume is totally into Greek Mythology. 
Eros is God of Love and this perfume just damn gurl strong gorgeous and glamorous! 

It comes in 3 different sizes.
30 ml : IDR. 1.036.000 
50 ml : IDR. 1.382.000
100 ml: IDR. 1.826.000 

In my opinion, 100 ml is the way to save up your money. 
50 ml : 1.382.000 and 100 ml : 1.826.000
With only 500.000 you can get double size. 
So when you purchase perfume , please take a look at the size and price. 

And of course mine is 100 ml 

The bottle? 
Damn girl as you can see! Luxurious! That's it. I love Gold and Bling and i'm a fan of Greek Mythology. 

How does it smell? 

Top: Sicilian Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot and Pomegranate Grains
Heart: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Peony and Lemon Flower
Base: Ambrox, Sandalwood and Musk. 

Can you imagine how does it smell? Lol.

It's clean, fresh and strong in my opinion.
Seductive enough. 

Pour Femme Eros fragrance has great longevity. EDP and the price don't lie. 
Perfect for Spring- Summer. 

When it dries touch by the air, the smell changing into velvety base notes. It's better when it dries. 

There is nothing wrong with the bottle. Amazing! 

What do you think about this perfume? 
Give a shot! 


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  1. i almost bought this right away after seeing your photo on IG, but the musk note pulled me away! if only it didn't have musk, i would've bought it rite away :(

    1. When i was your age i used to hate that kinda smells too. I love vanilla, sweet kinda thang. But I dont know why im into this kinda smells now (mature Couture) lol.

  2. Packagingnya cantik banget! Penasaran sama baunya..


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