Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Versace Bright Crystal Perfumed Body Lotion Review

The sensual freshness of Versace Bright Crystal is captured in this Body Lotion. The perfect complement of an enticing and voluptuous fragrance.

Versace introduce Bright Crystal - a precious jewel, a fresh, vibrant and floral fragrance, with delicate tastes of colourful and juicy pomegranate grains, lotus flowers and the enticing presence of plant amber, acajou and musk.

A perfect scent for the Versace woman who is a hybrid of strength and confidence yet feminine, sensual and always glamorous.
Source:  http://m.feelunique.com/p/Versace-Bright-Crystal-Perfumed-Body-Lotion-200ml?url=Versace-Bright-Crystal-Perfumed-Body-Lotion-200ml&slang=EN
Inspired by a mixture of Donatella Versace's favorite floral fragrances, Bright Crystal is a fresh, sensual blend of refreshing chilled yuzu and pomegranate mingled with soothing blossoms of peony, magnolia, and lotus flower, warmed with musk and amber. Notes: iced accord, yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, vegetal amber, musk. Style: Sheer. Sensual. Luminous.

Source:  http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/versace-bright-crystal-body-lotion/2916376

Pink box! 

I bought it for myself at Sogo Plaza Tunjungan Surabaya! Thanks Oky to assist me very well. 
Price is not cheap for lotion, but this one is not the ordinary body lotion. This one is perfumed in version of body lotion. You get what i mean right? 

So that's why the price is not ordinary tho! Lol. Not so typical body lotion and of course not so great price. It costs me 709.000. 

My personal opinion about this perfumed in version of body lotion is very great. 
Perfumed body lotions helps to make the perfume itself even better. I mean it helps the perfume last longer than ever. 

When it dries always feel so great and better. I don't know why in my opinion all versace perfume great when it dries. 

The bottle itself is not that pretty. It's ordinary  without pump as always. Plastic. 

I do not recommend this if you want to travel with this perfumed body lotions. 

The texture is like normal body lotion. Nothing special texture lah. 

It's 200 ml pretty huge. 

So moisture on my skin and gives you fresh feeling. 

Really helps the perfume to kick some ass lol. Really helps to make the perfume last longer than ever. 

Do i really need this to make my perfume last longer? The answer is No! You don't need to purchased this . Just optional. Probably you have enough money to spend on something, go ahead. 
But if you on budget, just buy the perfume it totally fine. Because the perfume itself has great longlivety. So don't worry. 

 My ootd : 
Stripe blouse from Rain Boutique Surabaya. 
Skirt from Blondy Boutique Surabaya. 
Bags: Design Inverso Italy handmade! Got it from Rococostore Plaza Indonesia. 
Shoes: The original architect of claw heels of course Walter Steiger from Num8ereight Plaza Indonesia . 

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