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Shu Uemura Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation for Natural Bare Look Review

Hello welcome back to my blog. 
Well recently after Yazbukey for Shu Uemura Collection, Shu Uemura just launched the newest foundation / powder in liqud texture. 

This is really great innovation guys. 
This is called skin: FIT cosmetic Water foundation. 
It has skincare benefits too! 

It's 30 ml. 
Bottle pretty cool. 
It has SPF 30 pretty good 

Number start with 5 : natural 
Number start with 7: yellow. 
Same numbering method as Lightbulb and Face Architect 

The sponge side! 

The brush side! Pentagon sponge Is the only way to use this foundation. It's dual ended sponge! 

This foundation is foundation with powdery finish like bare face or even velvet finish. 
This is the lightest foundation i have ever tried in my life. 

So light till i don't feel at all that i wear foundation! I'm honest with you guys yeah you feel nothing on your face! 
It's so lightweight weightless! 

This foundation or powder in liquid texture really better when it dries. Leave it for 15 minutes and it will turn into matte ! Velvety finish and damn gurl is that my real skin tho? 

So damn good! 
Match with our face so well.

It's super light airy finish but damn gurl yasss for the coverage! 
light to medium! 
It is like bare skin, you can't even tell when it dries let it oxidize! 

My shade actually 764 medium light beige. 
But i love love to make my skin look darker than my actual skin color so i picked 564 medium light sand! 

Take a few drops! 
As you can see , there is no pump and it will messy i guess! 

Look at that texture, still wet. 

It dries so fast so what you have to do is blend it quickly! 
And remember step by step! 

Don't give a dots on your cheek , nose, forehead, chin etc in the same time.  it will be better if you do it step by step. One by one. 

Well, if you want full coverage, you can use this with Lightbulb compact powder and it will give ya full coverage and matte kinda thang. 

If you leave it without powder, it turns into velvet finish. Is that even make sense? Hope you get what i mean tho! 

If you want to apply any concealer, apply your concealer first then this Skin:FIT foundation. Cause you will end up cakey if you put concealer right after this Skin: Fit foundation. 
Remember this is like powder in liquid ways! So you better apply your concealer first then moved to this one . 

If you want sheer finish, you can do this with this foundation. 
You only need glow creator that gives you amazing glow! 
Then your blush creme! 
And then this Skin:FIT foundation. 

Remember , i don't think this foundation is good for build up! 
You just removed the first layer if you try to build up. 

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS : if you want to BUILD IT UP, You can apply your other foundation first. Let it completly DRY. Then apply this Shu uemura skin: FIT , apply it gentle and you will see the good result. 

How many drops do you need totally depends on your face and the coverage you want. 

If you DONT really want to build it up, put 3-4 drops you want on you hand for your half cheek and blend it out. (if you have some trouble on your skin )

If you born flawless- let's thank GOD cause you don't have to put 3-4 drops on your half cheek! 1-2 on half cheeck is enough. 

As you can see from the small sponge, there are two different style, they are the brush side and sponge side. 
The brush side is softer. The picture above is Sponge side. 

How to use it is quite simple: 
Shake the bottle very well since it is water foundation. 

Then take few drops on your hand. 

Let the brush side pick up the products for you and.....

Put the brush side and spread it to your half CHEEK only. 

You have to use it Step by step! Cause it dries so fast. So for better result, apply this step by step. 

After the brush side, dab motion for the sponge side! 

After your half cheek done, move to another cheek. 

Do the same thing. Then your forehead, chin and neck. Repeat the same things. 

Honest opinion about this skin: FIT FOUNDATION is amazing!
It's so last longer than i thought! 
You know here in Indonesia is humid weather! 

And again remember this is water based foundation! 
When you have so much sweat, you def smear off this Skin:fit foundation coverage. But not as crazy! 

I think this is perfect for combination skin and of course oily skin. 
Cause it is oil free! 

For dry skin, it might be good but you need good moisturizer, glow primer kinda thang. 
Cause you will end up cakey or you can see the dry patch! You need very damn great Moisturizer. 

If you are in hurry this foundation is not for you! You really need space to work with this foundie! Takes time to be great! Lol

This foundie is pretty good for you with oily skin , combination skin! 
Good for you if you love into lightweight make up- airy finish! 
Good for you innocent look with creme blush! 
Good for you if you have times to do your make up done! 
Good for you if you have really flawless skin! 
Good for you if you love velvet finish . 
Not so matte and not so sheer! 

And trust me this foundation much better when it does oxidize! Same as lightbulb! 

Only skin:FIT foundation. 
No powder. 
Then bronzer, blush and lipstick . 
I put pimple cream on the tip of eyebrow so i didn't cover it with any foundation. 

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation.
So little amount! 
Let it dry! 
Then Skin: FIT foundation. Dab it gentle. 
No powder! 

So it is possible to build it up with other foundation first or even only with skin FIT but let's give it more drops if you want only skin:FIT. 

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