Sunday, June 7, 2015

Redken Body Full Shampo Anti Gravity Volume Review

When you have good shoes and good hair you can get all you want! Lol. Really? 

For me, nah! 
Perhaps you can get full confidence with it. 
I feel that too! I feel more and more confidence when my hair is good and of course i have great shoes! 

I have very flat hair, limp and ughhhhh! 
I need more volume to make it glam! 
My scalp is pretty oily and the rest of the hair is dry! What the hell! 

I didn't really care when i was in college, i used Pantene, NR shampoo before and did nothing to my hair! 

I want more volume and i need shampoo that could provide that. 
There are so many ranges and so many brands to try. 
I would love to try Shu Uemura Shampoo that in Indonesia don't sell it . But i can purchase it in singapore. 
However, i saw this on strawberrynet and gave a shot about this shampoo! 

It is called Redken Body Full shampoo. 
Anti - Gravity Volume for fine / flat hair. 

300 ml for 250.000 
It gives you volume but not crazy volume of course.

I feel my hair a lilte bit bouncy with this shampoo. 

When you blow dry it, you can see the difference when you Use this shampoo or not.

Not making my hair weigh down like a dead hair lol! 

It has great scent. Green tea. 
It feels refresh 

You hair feels drier when you using this shampoo cause this shampoo takes the oil on our scalp. 

If you have dry hair completely dry, this shampoo is not for you! 

I never had bouncy hair till i find this shampoo. The top on the crown part is my fave!

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