Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review: Shu Uemura Stage Performer Glow Creator Warm Glow Boosting Cream

Not a big fan of glow-ing things but let me try something different for my face! Lol. I'm team matte all the time but let's give a shot to something glowing look! 

Let's check this out! 

This one called Shu Uemura Stage Perfomer Glow Creator. Of course it is Japanese Brand! 

Base and top glow boosting cream perfect to be used before the foundation and after the moisturizer. Or even gently tap over the foundation to boost your glow look! Totally up to you to choose the ways to use it. 

There are two colors, they are warm glow which is the warmer one and a little bit yellowish or beige kinda look ( perfect for medium skin tone or people who loves glowing but not kinda pinkish thang! ) 
Warm undertone

And the another one is a little bit lighter and more pink . Perfect for lighter shade with pink undertone. Cool undertone! 

I bought it from Sogo Dept Store. 
Price : Rp. 565.000 for 30 ml / 1 FL. oz. 
The packaging is tube and plastic black. 
So easy to travel with! 
You can control the amount on your finger to apply it to your face! 

This is warm glow! 
The texture is not so creamy or even liquid. 

See the difference? 
I don't know if you can see the pearls on that. But there's something glowing like pearls. 

It gives you glowy look yes. But not like disco ball! Lol! 
Don't worry. 

Perfect if you love healthy glowing skin . 
I don't think you need this if you have super oily skin. 

If you have good bare skin, you can skip foundation and just apply this on your face with a very little amount of powder. 

It is not dry so fast. 

That's me baking my face! Lol 
I always do the eyes first then moved to rest of my face. The reason is because i want to prevent fall out from the eyeshadow. 

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