Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review : Shu Uemura Powder Brush Natural 18R

Recently I keep investing on brushes. I love Japan Handmade brush so much, such as Hakuhodo, Shu Uemura and Suqqu. 

Expensive ? Yes definitely! There is no cheap brush that made in Japan. 

It will last longer that cheaper brush. And it will come back to the shape, i mean the bristles. 

I have some Shu Uemura Brushes and i did review it too. Kindly check here for the foundation review 

So today I'm going to review this RED! Brush from Shu Uemura. It's Shu Uemura Powder brush Natural 18R! 

Natural? Yasss it's Goat Hair. No synthetics hair! It is real hair and no harm/ cruelty free. 

They just cut the hair without doing any harm to the animal! Don't worry! But the hair is uncut. If it make sense to tell you. Lol. So i mean like their bristles remain uncut at the tip to the finest touch. 

Made in Japan! It's hand made! That's why it is not cheap. Haha. 
As you can see it's ideal for dusting the excess of the powder and contouring. So it's all about your preference to use this brush. 

I love to use this brush for dusting any excess of loose powder and for finishing touch. I used a lot powder tho, that's why i need this brush in my life! 

It is for face! Obviously! Lol. 

It has the name and type in the handle! 
What i love about this red is more noticeable than other brush! 
And everyone in the world should know anout this Red! It means Shu Uemura 18R powder brush! Yasss!!!! 

Anti Mainstream!!!!! Hahahha! 
I love this red cause you know people will notice easily it is from Shu Uemura! 

Shu Uemura Handle is black there's type of the brush in the handle! 

Look at the color! So vibrant red and gorgeous! It makes this brush stands out compared to others.

Softness? No. This brush is not that soft compared to Hakuhodo! 
That's whay i told you it is best for dusting any excess of the loose powder. 
Sometimes brush that so freaking soft delivers different result on the face. 

So i just mixed my brush, when i need something that soft i will picked my Hakuhodo. 

But when i need something texture brush i will pick my Shu Uemura! 
Just use anything that works on you people! There is no rule in make up tho! Make up is art! 

To make it simple i mean like this: 
If you are looking brush with buffing motion, this brush is not for you! You better find something that soft and flat and dense to buff your face. 

If you are looking for something that sweeping motion or even dusting, this brush completely for you! 

When done with my foundation, i used loose powder with puff. Then to remove any excess, i used this brush. It gives you mire natural touch. My fave loose powder is from shu uemura and kryolan derma color 

Price is pricey for me.  
It's Rp. 890.000.  Shu Uemura is high end brand! 

To clean the brush just tap everytime you finish using this brush. Wipe with tissue and keep it clean as always. 
To wash this brush avoid the sun light directly and lay it flat! Not upside down or whatsoever! No hair dryer too! 

This brush is not sponsored! Purchased with my money! Honest review! 

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