Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review : Make Up : Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage System Fixing Powder

I'm a little bit obsessed with Loose powder now! 
And my previous loose powder is from Shu Uemura. 

And i think that i need more loose powder, and try to pick this one since it's not pricey. 
And i heard that this Kryolan is not bad products tho! 

So let's give a shot 
This Kryolan distributed by PT. EVIETA . You can read above about the information since it is obvious on the pic . 
I'm sire that if you are make up artist or beauty blogger, you have heard about this products. Kryolan is very well known all around the world and this products is made in Germany. 

Kryolan is very well known for the television too. 

I think this brand came to Indonesia in the end of 2014, or early 2015. I have bad memory tho! 

You can find this and try Kryolan on Plaza Indonesia, Shop At Glow ( depan Lamoda) . 

And if you are from other places outside Jakarta, you can purchase this online through their WA. 
And they will sent it to you! 

There are so many types of loose powder of Kryolan; Fixing Powder Waterproof Derma Color is the one that i picked. 

The reason why i picked this than the other, simply because the job is to set the foundation, and i want some good coverage and this powder provides it. 

Meanwhile the Anti Shine Powder , yes did the same job , but the coverage is not as good as the Fixing Powder, and i want color on my loose powder . Not transculent . That's why i picked this. 

I know loose powder has lighter coverage than the compact powder but this one is not that bad to set the liquid foundie on my face! 
It comes in 2 different size actually. Smaller one and bigger one 60gr. 
PT. Evieta only provides the 60gr which the big one. And i think that is not bad tho for the price. It's 400.000. 

And i think they will give you discount 10% off . So you only need to pay about 360.000 IDR. 

Review : 
It's huge and comes with no sponge inside 

Good for set your foundation whether liquid or creme. 

Really set your foundie well. 

The colors that PT. Evieta provides is only 2 colors ; P11 and P03 . P03 is natural color kinda beige. Meanwhile p11 is the lighter version, kinda pink. Perfect for you if you have light skin and pale. 

It smells like talc powder. No strong perfume or etc . 

Flawless finish. 

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