Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review and Swatch Gerrard Cosmetics Lipstick 1995

Kylie Jenner Lips very popular right now. 
It's matte, big, plump, over linned and gorgeous. You def know about this trend! 

I have very small lip. And matte texture gonna make it more plump. I'm not a big fan of sheer finish. Everything sheer like sheer foundie or lips. 
But sometime i use sheer lips/ glossy thang if my lips is so freakin dry. 

Well, Gerrard Cosmetics is the IT lipstick. 
So many positive reviews about this and so many bloggers said that it's similar with Mac lipstick. 
Carly Bybel, Manny Mua, Pattrick Star, Jacclyn Hill, Sophia Cong , and many bloggers, mua are obsessed with this lipsticks. 

1995! Yasss i picked that color!! This color Created by Jacclyn Hill . 
It's brownish, warm color. 

Review : 
The texture is matte. 

But moist in the sametime. Matte lipstick sometimes make our lips dry. But trust me this one is moist and matte in the same time. 

Compared to MAC, this one more moist. 
The packaging is great. Gold and fancy. 

Created by Jacclyn Hill. 
It's pigmented. 
230.000 IDR . I found this one is the cheapest store to purchase this . But if you find cheaper below 230.000 you are lucky girl. 
Please tell me the seller which have good price . Hehehheh. I would love to purchase the other color. 

Do you have any Gerrard lipstick? 
What is your fave shade? 

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  1. Ini termasuk wishlist. Cm setau aku, matte lips bukannya bikin bibir tipis makin terlihat tipis ya? Unless you overdraw the line. Tp si 1995 ini emg bnr2 fast selling bgt. Ergh.. jd agak susah dapet ready yg murce.

    1. For sure i did overdraw line la. I got it ready stock


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