Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Albion Tight Film Foundation Review and Swatch

It's foundation time. I'm huge fan of foundation. I love to try new products of foundation. Great foundation makes great canvas. Of course you need good healthy skin too. i won't take a risk to purchase cheap foundation and then gives me breakout or run off to my clothes etc and of course not last longer.

In my opinion it's better to purchase something a lil bit expensive but works amazing on your skin. Who'with me? I think it is much better than we try cheap and then not suit with our face and then we keep purchasing and trying to find the best that works on your face. It is just a waste.
It called Albion tight Film Foundation. If you don't really know about this brand, yes you are in the right track. 
Albion is one of the finest make up and skincare brand in Japan. They have skincare line and it is huge success everywhere. The Skin Conditioner is like best seller from their brand. Exage Crystal milk too. Gosh their brand is amazing. So many postive reviews about Albion Skin Conditioner, Exage Crystal milk and Eclafutur serum!

Back to foundation, They have a range of foundation, such as Tight Film Foundation ( The newest one), Gel Mask Foundation and Oil Serum Foundation. 

So i purchased the newest one, Tight Film Foundation. It claims that it could gives you Slimmer Effect on your face. That's the wow-ed claims. Lol. Is it really gives you slimmer effect? Read below! 

And you can find Albion Counter in Singapore for Southeast Asia location. If you travel to Japan, sure you can find it at Dept Store. 

It has SPF 30. So it's great for your protection too. Use this with matte primer, so it won't give you super white cast when the flash catch you! 

As you can see, the price is standard for Japan products. It's 6000¥ . Is it worth? Yes it's worth and you should try this foundation. 30g for cream foundation is more than enough. 

Since it comes in jar and the texture is cream, they provide you spatula for the hygienic reason. You don't need to dip your brush or sponge inside of the jar. What you need to do is put the spatula inside of the jar and put it on the back on your hand for hygienic reason. Can't imagine tho if you dip it inside the foundie directly into your brush! Big no! 

How many shades available, i think they provide 6 shades. 070 is the darkest one. 050 is the standard Japan Color, yellow undertone. And i purchased 060 the neutral one. To be honest, this color totally perfect match to my skin. I am MAC NC25/30 and 060 would suit you best. Or if you want go lighter, choose 050. 

This one 050. 

I have attended so many beauty classes and courses, and they told me that it is much better if we go neutral, not trying to look white. Ugh, so many people here in my country, specially Indonesia loves to look white, i mean lighter than her real color. What the hell! It doesn't match at all with your rest of the body! ( tangan gelap, kaki gelap, muka terang banget like korean skin) PLEASE STOP! ( Lo kaga seputih itu, creeper like Joker). Please stop being a people that doing the most (trying to hard) . Be confident with your own skin, every skin colors are pretty! No matter you are white, dark and yellow. You are beautiful! 

As you can see and tell, 060 is still light and yellow. Never think that 070 is the darkest one, so 060 dark too! Nah, still look good right? 
Let me tell you something that this Tight Film Foundation colors is for typically For Asian and White people  : western. 
I don't think Tight Film Foundation darkest color might suit with people has dark color. Even 070 still look good too. 

Before i spread it. This one 060! 

It has Cream texture. But not so thick like Cle De Peau Creme Foundation in the Jar. 

It has strong smells perfume. 
It's buildable, depends on coverage you want to. 

To prevent from the spilled up, you need to have small jar to keep it safe. Cause i told you that the texture is not so thick cream which stay there. It's kinda running. 

Easy to blend. Yes it is easy to blend. 
Use fluffy brush to apply this foundation or even sponge might be better. 

If you build it up, the finish gonna be satin. Not so matte, not so sheer too. 

Damn you Fine!!!!! Look at that! You can't even tell right. So smooth and very match into my skin. Looks like nothing right! That's so deadly slammin foundation ever! Love love love. 

Btw, how about slimmer effect? No! There is no slimmer effect. FYI i didn't buy this because the slimmer effect. ( gue ga gampang kepengaruh hal begitu lah. Hahaha) kenapa beli ini karena penasaran sama Albion and memang hasil nya bagus bgt coverage nya! 

The reason why i purchased this it because I'm so curious about Albion foundation and why not give a shot to try the newest range of their foundie. 

The foundation looks on my skin.
See it 060 is not that dark tho! Still light right? 

See ya next post 

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