Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review : Make Up: Shu Uemura Painting Liner M Black M Noir

Gel Liner or Liquid Liner? 
For me gel Liner is the one and only. 
Easier to apply and the color is pigmented jet black! 

I know the power of Liquid Liner is very great but don't know why i am just comfortable with this. 

My previous gel liner is from Make Up Store. 
But compared to this Gel Liner from Shu Uemura, goshhh Shu Uemura is the winner. 

Review : 
It's so pigmented, compared to my Make Up Store Gel Liner. 

Left: no flash. Right with Flash

Jet Black, not faded into greyish color. 

Washes off easily with Cleansing Oil. I'm using Mac Cleansing Oil to remove any make Up on my face. 

I have hooded / monolid eyes and it dries quickly enough compared to My previous Gel liner. 

Waterproof. I live in Indonesia and the weather you know very hot and it stays! So great! 

The texture is creamy and of course matte! 

It's Rp. 340.000 

I applied this with angled brush. 

I don't need primer to make it pigmented. Cause the pigmentation itself is great. 
But if you have oily lids, you better need that. 

Follow my instagram for more video about this Painting Liner ! 

I'm using Painting Liner M Black M noir from Shu Uemura .

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow Pomade . 

riri woo lipstick . 

Shu uemura pore eraser 

SkII moisturizer 

Shu Uemura Lightbulb Compact Powder

Too Faced Sweet Pink blush on . 

Inner light highlighter from Too Faced 

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to warm up my face . 

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