Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review : Haircare : Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

Hair Game Strong! Yasss! I love my hair so much! 
I will never cut my hair too short or colored my hair! I will keep it real virgin hair. 
I just love my black long straight hair so much . 
And today i'm going to show you my routine and what products that i used! No tutorial. Cause i'm not that kind of girl who have so much time to do tutorial. Lol. 

Products mention: 
Beauphoria Curling Iron biggest diameter. 
Beauphoria curling Iron Smallest diameter. 
Paul Mitchell Super Sclupt
Paul Mitchell Seal and Shine 
Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective oil
Oscar Blandi Jasmine oil
Oscar Blandi instant glossing cream 

And today i will be review my Shu Uemura Oil / keratine treatment to make my hair shine and healthier 
For oscar blandi review, i did review it before so check em out! 


Okay so let me tell you my hair condition. 
Thank God Jesus I have no troublesome on my hair. It just straight black and long, typically Asian Hair. Fine hair.  No damage because chemical thang, cause never dyed it tho! Heheh. Just oily scalp and that's it. 

And the end of my hair just fine, not so freakin dry. 
So what's the point to purchase this? 
I want more shine and healthier hair . 
Plus i have styled my hair a lot . I love to curl my hair means i got a problem with the heat. And i want to protect it from damage. 

This is how it looks. 

Review : 
It is Oil! Obviously! 
150 ml 
It's $69. Keratine treatment is pricey tho! 
It is so light to your hair . 

Not available in Indonesia. The only nearest place to get this is in Singapore , Kimage Salon. 
Or you can purchase this online via the web . 
Or you can asked your personal shopper to shop it from you lol. Japan, Australia, Singapore and USA. 

Made in Spain.
Comes in pump. Plastic pump. 
Smells so damn great. 
Make my hair more shiny.
Not sticky. 
My hair feel so smooth since i apply this even no conditioner too. 
Protect hair from Uv 
Velvety feels 

How to apply this : 
Wash your hair . 
Rinse it clean.
You need 3-4 pumps . Rub it to your hand.  
Apply this in the end of your hair and your roots. No need to rinse it. It is NOT CONDITIONER! 
Masaage it to your roots and the end lenght. 
Blow dry your hair! Done! 
You can use it for everyday. But for me, you don't need to use it everyday. Just a waste since it pricey tho! 

How many pumps do you need is totally depend on your hair lenght. My hair is long and i need more pumps than the short hair does. 

Result varied of course. Depend on your hair and total of damage. 
What you have to do is patient cause slowly your hair is getting beter if you do this routine. 
Well, you can use every serum or keratine treatment, every brand that works for you. But one thing i want to tell you is you have to be patient and routine. It is not instant tho to make your coarse hair healthy. Need process to make it Bam right ! 

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