Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review : Brush : Hakuhodo J110 Best Seller Blush Brush

When it comes to Blush Brush, 8'm going to purchase something that soft and nice to my skin. 
And this is my favorite Brush to apply blush! 

This one is the best seller from Hakuhodo  when you are looking for blush brush! 

The brush itself is not as long as Sigma or Mac and i think its perfect for Asian. 

Actually there are two styles to apply blush. The first is Asian Style which just pad it to your cheek. 

And the another style is Western style which it makes the blush more obvious, rather than natural look like Asian Style. 
This brush is perfect for both style. 

It is goat hair brush and handmade.
It is handmade 
It's 550.000 
Perfect for more obvious blush style or just light blush on your cheek. Depends on how you work it. 
Smaller than Sigma Brush. 
How to clean this is only dab or rub it with tissue to remove any left powder blush. 

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