Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To Make Your Eyebrow Is On Fleek

How to make your eyebrow is on fleek! Yasss gimme yasss! 

Eyebrow is one thing that frame your face and chica you have to make it Bam and on fleek! 

That's my eyebrow .
The shape is not so good enough. 
That's why you definitely need eyebrow powder , dipbrow and gel to lock it . 

Actually, i Used dark brown or medium brown eyshadow with angled brush . And then apply it on my brow . You don't have to super intense cause you will make it bam with Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, just apply it lightly . 

I used that eyeshadow in the right bottom ! That dark brown is perfect for me

After that you need dipbrow in dark brown. Cause my hair is jetblack. I think ebony is way too dark for me . 

Apply to your brow with dipbrow pomade from Anastasia. Lightly . Slowly . 

And the voila you are done. 
You can apply clear brow gel too to lock it and not goin anywhere lol. 

If you want to make it more fleek, apply concealer right under and top of your eyebrow to make it bam! Follow the shape and blend 

3 dots that you need to connect it to your end of nose . To make it more precise.

Anyways ...
The reason why not to use dipbrow only , cause with dipbrow , if you are not so good with blending it, it could appears into harsh line. Meanwhile with brow powder or eyeshadow you can make it seamlessly and more neat. That's why i don't really like to use dipbrow only . 

Brow powder is good but you need to lock it, so it stays perfectly. And you need brow gel or dipbrow to make it more intense and neat. 

Follow your natural shape. And always make it higher in some point . I don't want to look flat or straight . On fleek yasss! 

Make it bolder in the end of your brow. That's what i like and love to do. 
If you don't really like it . It's okay. It just my preference. Do what you want and comfortable with. 

Products mention are : 
Bh cosmetics eyeshadow 
Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade dark brown 
Anastasia beverly hills no 15 brush . 

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  1. ah cantik bgt! tapi kayaknya arched eyebrow gitu gak cocok buat wajah aku :(
    The Glitter Rebel

  2. Thank you.
    Hmmm kadang kita ga ngerasa cocok karena bentuk nya salah. Hehehe and kadanv terpaku sama bentuk khusus misal lurus gegara idolnya cantik pake kurus jadi kita memaksakan diri pake lurus .hehe tp kl kamu confidence segment bentuk tertentu go ahead . Makasih ud mampir ya


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