Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review : Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday Collection Palette

Today yass it's all about eyeshadow . 
Holiday palette is always makes me feel ahh i have to get that one. 
Cause you know sometime when holiday season is come , the brands likely to make the design, the colors, everything so eye catchy ! 

They tend to give more when the holiday collection start to come. 

Too faced everything nice palette is from Holiday Collection 2014! I know holiday is over but still love love with this palette. 

This too faced Everything nice collection is sold out everywhere. And i'm glad that one of my fave online shop save this one for me. 

Well, actually i'm not a big fan of pink! 
I prefer the packaging is gold or rose gold! I love classy luxury packaging so much! 
But this glittery pink pouch is not bad tho right? 
Fyi, too bad the pouch doesn't fit at all with the palette! What the heck! But still you can put everything inside smaller than the palette : for instance foundation, blush, concealer , lipstick erthang that you want to put it inside! 

So nice right ? 
They are vibrant but yet calmy.

Review : 
It's from Holiday Collection 2014. I don't think that you can find this on Sephora Indonesia. 

You will find this palette through ebay , but i think the price is like higher than ever. 

20 eyeshadows inside: Satin, Matte, Shimmer, Glittery Finish. 
This is my fave section! I love shimmer finish so much! 

It comes with Bronzer Chocolate Soleil! 
I'm glad that Too faced include this bronzer! It smells like chocolate! Creamy yummy chocolate! Trust me! 

2 blushes . Sweet pink and Papa don't peach! Love this colors! I think it's perfect for warm skin tone! 

Highlighter : Inner Light! In some people this highlighter didn't work out at all because the skin tone is too pale. But when i swatch on my skin , it pops out shimmery pink finish which is great! 

It comes with the brush! The contour brush is like Nars but trust me, the brush is so so! I don't like the brush. 
I might end up using my own brushes. Hahahha . But i dont mind since everything inside so gorgeous except the brush! 
Last longer about 6-8 hours i think. 

I need primer with this eyeshadows to keep it on my eyes! 

Powdery texture! 
Which mean fall out ! But it's okay. It's even better than Urban Decay Vice 3 , which fall out like crazy! 

No mirror inside compared to Vice 3. But you got blushes, bronzer and highlighter chica! 

I found that this is quite similar with Urban decay Vice 3. 
The reason why i picked this than Ud Vice 3 just because UD has a lot off less products on my face. 
It less longer than Everything Nice Palette even with the same primer . too faced power is last longer than Vice 3. 

Vice 3 pigmentation is the winner but i don't want to struggle with the fall out . That's why i picked this! 

This palette too faced Everything Nice have more neutral colors than Vice 3. 

The eyeshadows oan is bigger than vice 3. It's like double size of it . 
So go for Too faced this one, even i love my Naked and Naked 3! Never big fan of Naked 2 tho! 

This palette comes with Better than Sex Mascara which is great! Small size but hello it's worth tho! 
On my lid : Too Glam! 
Outer V : Chocolate Moon! 
Crease ; fawned of you . 
Crease 2: Knockout 
Inner lid : Shiny Happy! 
Eyeliner : Make Up store Gel liner! 
Brow : dipbrow Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
Contour : Chocolate Soleil Too Faced ! 
Blush : Sweet Pink
Highlighter : Inner Light! You  can find all that blush, contour and highlighter into one palette! Thanks to too faced create something tlike that tho! 

Setting spray by Make Up for Ever Mist and Fix ! 


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  1. too faced eyeshadow is surely worth the price! I own Chocolate Bar palette and loved it very much ^^

    Join my giveaway! ♡

    1. Yes it is so pretty! Chocolate bar is more neutral colors right?
      But the pigmentation i prefer UD!
      But with good primer errthmg just fine.

      Thank you for stopping by


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