Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review : Make Up: Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix

So Hello guys ! 
For long lasting make up is a must for me! 

I don't want to touch up or whatsoever! 
I just spray this products to make my make up looks flawless and last longer. 
This is my secret beside how we applied the primer/ base or foundation. To make it last longer than ever! 
So this is how it looks!
It comes in pump of course to make it easier to spray it to our face! 

The box!

Review : 
- helps to make your make up last longer 
- helps to control your oil but i don't think so. 
- makes my fave looks matte which i love. 
-takes the powdery looks away ! Say bye! 
- it turns the make up to be sealed in and locked it away! 
- 550.000 IDR , Kinda pricey!  

You can spray this to your brush or beauty blender to make it damp and make your face flawless. 
Apply this for your concealer brush or sponge. I do reccomend this step so much! 

Most important : 
You can spray this before you apply your moisturizer and after the make up done for better result! 

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