Friday, March 6, 2015

Review : Make Up : Mac Kinda Sexy Lipstick Swatch

Hey Guys, so today gonna be lipstick review! 
You know that since Kylie Jenner Has the plump lips and nowadays it's like going to be explode with bigger lips! 

The trend is kinda matte or super matte and bigger fuller plump lips oh gosh! 

Price : 260.000
So many colors available. 
You can choose so many type of textures , Matte, Creemesheen, Lustre, Sation or etc. i love Satin, Matte and Creemesheen so much! 

Be careful the fake products in Indonesia especially. If you find the products below this price, it might be fake! So you better purchase it at sogo counter for the authentic reason! 

The top : Mac Pure Zen. 
The second is Mac Matte Kinda Sexy 
The bottom is Mac Pure zen again! 

As you can see it is very nice colors! It's matte so you can just line your lips and then apply the lipstick! 

How i apply the Mac Kinda Sexy 

Bye guys! 

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