Friday, March 13, 2015

Review : Make Up For Ever Artisan Face Brush. Double Ended SculptingBrush

Finally I do review this brush! 
Love love love the brush so much! 

If you want flawless result, the most important things are Skin, Products and tools! If you could get all of them correctly, BAM your make up is Bam! If you know what i mean tho! 

Without good brush, but you have high end make up brands, is just waste! Brush is very essential for me. Don't waste your good products with bad brush, because it will turn up so so! 
If you want to have gorgeous makeup, invest on brushes and the brands that you think is good for you! 

If you have more budget, don't focus on the brands , but try the brush too! 

I grabbed this one Make Up For Ever Artisan Double Ended Sculpting Brush! Yayy! I got this from Plaza Senayan, Make Up For Ever Boutique. 

Contour never been easy before that! 
With this brush BAM!!! Uh huh honey! Love love love . 
If you keeping up with me before this post and read my blog before, you will def see the difference of my make up! 

Yes it because of this brush! With this brush, i can contour easily without having so much trouble. 

As you know that contour and highlight technique are very popular right now. Everyone wants to have killer cheekbone i guess. But not everyone born with that. Still thankful tho! We can contour hahhaha. 

This brush is double ended. Which means you have two functions in one price! Great right! 

Since this make up for ever artisan brush, i don't think is cheap! The price is pricey for me. It's 680.000 IDR.

It's so soft and gentle to out face. Trust me. 

It synthetic brush! I prefer synthetic brush than real hair for applying foundation or powder. Imagine if it is real animal hair, it will absorb so much products on the hair than to your face. Imagine your hair and you apply liquid foundie to your real hair. It will absorb like crazy . So does the same things for real hair. But if you like goat hair etc , go ahead . As long as you comfortable with. 

Made in Maritus.

It stated that it's wavy and straight type. Perfect for powdery products. 

Even when you wash it, it will not change the brush hair. If we wash it and then ruin the shape, i will def cry. Hahha

I do contour with this side! Love this side so much . 

You can use this for Blush or powder . It's up to you. 
I used it for powder. Not a blush. I think it's too big. 

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  1. biasa nya semakin mahal brush , semakin lembutt di muka <3 .
    tp termasuk murah juga , sebanding sama kualitas nya.

    1. Yes . I have already mentioned it that this brush is soft and gentle . It's worth


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