Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: Make Up : Estee Lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance Creme Foundation

So hello everyone. Today i'm going to share with you guys about my holy grail foundation. You know that i'm foundation junkie. I'm obsessed with foundation and would love to try new foundie so much. 

I got a chance to try the Estee Lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance Cream Foundation Compact , Shade Cool Vanilla 2C0! And the result is i'm obsessed with this foundation!!!! 

No sponsored fellas! All my money!
All honest opinion! 

It comes in Reffil ( no mirror) and Full Compact which is the no reffil version with mirror. 

The Reffil price definetly cheaper than the compact one which has mirror inside. 
Price for reffil is 540.000

And the real thing which comes in mirror : 740.000

One thing on my mind is why i have to buy something like 200.000 for mirror inside and sponge placement. 

So i definetly go for the reffil one and it's tottaly fine for me if there is no mirror inside and if i had to out the sponge separetly. Do you guys with me? Lol! 

Review : 

Oh my gosh, Estee lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance Creme Compact Foundation is  definetly my go to Foundation if i want to have dewy finish but full coverage! Yassss!!!! 

Creme foundation works best for dry skin! If you have oily skin, make sure you use oil controller or primer which oil free. 

Long lasting! Trust me! But if you compare with Double Wear Foundation, definetly Double wear is the winner. Double wear : stays up to 15 hours. And this one stays in 10 hours. Not bad for me! 

Dewy Finish but full coverage. Is that makes sense ? Dewy should be a little bit sheer , but this one , BAM!!!!! Love love love! 

Comes in so many shades available. 

Comes with a tiny sponge! 

I don't have to prime my face with this creme foundation. Bam bam bam result amazing . But it's totally up to you if you want to prime your face first. Sometimes i do prime when my face is completely dry! 

Good coverage! 

No cakey feelings! 

Flawless result! 

Perfect for touch up since it's compact creme. So you don't have to bring brush or liquid things. With this one, you can apply it for touch up just like you put powder . 
But to be honest with you since it gives me coverage and flawless face, No I DON't need Touch Up! All great! 

For me there's nothing wrong with this foundie, except the price ! Should be 540.000 IDR comes with the mirror! 

Tips : apply this with your wet brush or spray your face with Mist and fix or fix + from mac. Whatever setting spray i mean. 

Use kabuki brush which has flat and dense type. I used Sigma F80 ! Or you can use Sponge / beauty blender. 

Use setting powder to set this foundation. The reason is you def want your make up stay in place , no run or melt! Remember this is Creme! Not liquid fellas! 

Wanna see me with this foundie ? 

See you guys !

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  1. coveragenya okeee yaaaa, btw aku suka sm korean look km lidiaaa, <3

    1. Coverage oke banget rhea. Thank you. Love you blog too


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