Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Brush: Shu Uemura Natural 18 Goat Foundation Brush

Brushes are the most essential part for me. I have tried so many brush start from Sigma Beauty, MAC, Make Up For Ever, and the affordable one Masami and Coastal Scent. Well, they are all beaten with Japan Brushes ( in my opinion tho) .
I don't know why Japanese Brushes are always expensive but i think it because the quality. 

I hesitated to buy this brush because of the price, but it is so freakin worth it. I love Japan brushes so much. I have about 4 foundation brushes , they are Shu Uemura Natural Goat no 18, Coastal Scent, Sigma F80, and the last super great one too is from Hakuhodo! I will review it soon about this Hakuhodo j 544 Japanese brand too! 


You don't have to buy/ replace this brush cause the quality is super great. I have read some review that it last forever. Now i know the reason why the Shu Uemura Brushes are expensive. 
It because the quality people. It's totally different with cheap brush which you have to replace it since the bristles broken or you know the quality is bad, harsh into your skin or not give you flawless result. 

It's natural Goat Hair! No harm to the animal. Don't worry. They are just cut th Goat's hair and let them free again. No HARM to the animals people. 

It's super duper soft. Trust me. 

It gives you flawless result.  

It gives you great coverage for your foundation. It's dense kinda brush, so you know what i mean. It offers you flawless soft result. 

No Streaks. Damn it is so soft! Tons of love for Shu Brush. 

No hair loss like cheap brush! I told you the quality is top to the knot! 

It's pricey. IDR 900.000 for 1 brush! 
That's why i was hestitate at the first time.  You can purchase complete set for cheap brushes actually with this one brush! Lol 

Perfect for liquid or cream foundation. 

Multi tasking. You can use this brush for foundation or cream contour! Check Huda Beauty Video about her favorite brush. You will find this brush on her list. Actually HUDA's favorite number 1 brush for cream contour. Check her video on youtube! 

It's smaller than any foundation brush that i owned. If you have small face gonna be perfect for you. If you have bigger face , you have to streak it again and again. I will recommend you to use Hakuhodo brush for bigger fuller face. 

When you wash it, it's retained and the shape is back like before! Great! No change. 

Must have brush drom Shu Uemura is Foundation Natural 18! And blush / contour no 27! ( in my opinion okay) 

The 18 Goat Foundation brush is one of the most versatile i ever had. 

The bad thing about this foundation brush is : Since this Goat Hair, means bristles is White! So, it looks dirty after you apply  your foundation. It doesn't look good. 

Okay that's wrap! 
What's your favorite foundation brush? 
And stay tuned for Hakuhodo brush collections! 

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