Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review : Brush : Hakuhodo J544 Goat & Synthetic Foundation / CreamBlush Brush

Hello guys! 
Brushes are the best invesment tools for me. There are so many reason why you have to invest on your brush. 

One thing in my mind, if your brushes are harsh , not gives you flawless finish then what for you keep it or buy it? 
You better purchase something that last forever even a little bit pricey. Because that's makes good brush for. 

Your products is such high end but your brush just so so! Nahhh, you better think twice. No matter how high end your make up but with the wrong application and bad brush: There is no great make up! 

This one is Hakuhodo J series, J544 Foundation and Cream Blush Brush. 
Since i don't like i mean I HATE CREAM BLUSH, i prefer to use this for foundation brush! 

It claims that ;
Ideal for all types of products - liquid/cream based makeup and even powder. Designed to help you easily control how sheer or heavy you want your makeup coverage, this excellent brush is perfect for even complete makeup beginners.

Use: Foundation, Blush (cream base)
Hair Type: Goat & Synthetic
Handle Type: Wood Handle/Black
Ferrule: Nickel-plated brass
Size: A. Full Length: 178.0 mm
           B. Hair Length: 38.0 mm
         C. Thickness: 12.0 mm


It's mixed bristles, goat and synthetic brush. FYI that goat hair/ real hair is absorb more products than the synthetic one. 

My fave Giorgio Armani foundie

My opinion about this brush: 
1. Great mixed brush! You can see the seperation from the Goat hair into the Synthetic one. 

2. It is so freakin soft. Actually i prefer dense kinda brush to apply my foundation. FYI, dense brush gives you more coverage than the Soft one! 
But this brush is great for the coverage. From the sheer one into the bomb full coverage. 

3. It's cheaper than my Shu Uemura Brush. But do the same job as Shu Uemura 18 Goat hair. It's only 550.000 compared to Shu Uemura IDR. 900.000. 
Great dupes! But remember, Shu Uemura Foundation Natural Goat Hair 18 is 100% real hair , that's why Shu Is more pricey than this one. This is mixed with syntetic

Review if shu uemura brush is here

4. If you love MAC duo fibre brush 139, it's similar brush. But i think Hakuhodo Has the firmer, rounder brush. So it gives you flawless finish. 


5. The shape come back like before after you wash it 

6. You can use this for creme blush too if you want . 

7. Always wipe it to tissue / wet tissue after you apply any foundie / creme blush . This one to make your brush clean. At least you wipe it i mean. 

What do you think about this brush? 
You better give a shot once to any Hakuhodo brushes. Thank you 

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  1. pas banget kuasnya buat masuk pouch kosmetik ku neh say ;)


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