Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Korean Make Up Style or Western Make Up Style

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Anyways, my friend told me to do no lashes - lashes look or Asian Make Up VS Western Style . 
I love love love them both! 
They have different techniques, different styles, different shapes etc. 

Well, Asian, i mean like Korean love to apply so light make up, brings the natural beauty and dewy- sheer finish. 
They don't really do the contour stuffs, just embrace the natural light dewy make up, vibrant lips, and eyeliner and blush

Meanwhile the western style, i mean like girls in the US, Europe or Middle east have the glam contour make up since they have killer cheek bone and very deep gorgeous eyes! And spider long Lashes!!!! 
I do adore both . 

This is my version of Korean Beauty light make up and Glam Western Style. 
Which one suit me best?? 

Look at the eyes which is so different right ? 

On the left side , light make up, i used : 
Aura CC Cream TONY MOLY as base . 
Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundatio. 
Make Up store Gel Liner . 
Lancome Rouge Lipstick . 
Brow powder 
Bh Cosmetics Blush in Pink 
Estee Lauder Compact Powder. 

On the Right side : 
SHu Uemura Pore eraser. 
Shu uemura 754 Lightbulb foundation. 
Estee Lauder futurist Aqua Brilliance compact Creme. ( i applied shu foundie first , then layer it with Estee Lauder Compact foundie ) Shu is darker than my skin tone and i do neutralize it with Estee Lauder which the correct skin tone color for me) . I do make Up in 2 layers. 1 pump from Shu Uemura and then layer it with Estee Lauder. 

Naked 3 eyeshadow. 
make Up store gel liner. 
Riri woo lipstick from Rihanna Collections. 
Absolutely It mac pro long wear lip liner 
Shu Loose powder 
Estee Lauder Compact Powder. 
Mist and fix setting spray. 
Anastasia beverly hills contour kit. 

Well, in western style i used a lot of products compared to Korean Beauty Style . 

If you ask me my opinion, which one i prefer,  let me tell you that, I'm not confident enough to go mall or etc with no lashes look! 
I love bold look and i think suit me better than the lighter version . 
I love glam, lashes, eyeliner, archy eyebrow that kinda stuffs . 

Sometimes my family told me that i do look better in light make up / Korean Style, but once again i'm not confident enough to go bare lashes like that! And they told me that i do look younger with minimal make up! 

I wear light make up / no lashes look when i do interview, campus or work! 
Others place def full glam hahha ! 

What do you think of me  ? Which one better?  

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  1. yg western lebih kelihatan mature gitu , tp tetep aja cute gara2 lips nya mungil hehehe



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