Monday, February 23, 2015

Review : Make Up : Urban Decay Baked Bronzer

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Definitely you guys have heard what bronzer actually is .
So for those who do not know , a bronzer that is part of the make up used for ,
Shading and contouring .
We do the shading or contouring it because we want to appear to look much more perfect .
For example , slimmer our nose without nose job , shaped our face or 
want to look sexy tan skin.
This time I would love to give you tips for all of you who want to look damn good

For bronzer itself is divided into two ,
there are matte and shimmer results .

Matte :
Matte bronzer that are usually used for shading on the face or body to get best look prefectly. 
 For example, in this case , we want to have simmer face, nose , we can use a matte bronzer on the cheekbones us to make it obvious or at the chin to look get slimmer faces 
or perhaps in the nose to make it look like have a nose job. Lol
. It was tips from me to use a matte bronzer type .

Shimmer bronzer is less suitable for people who want to get sharp or straight look.
 if you want to look thin or slimmer, it would be better to use a matte .
But again the issue like it or not it depends on the individual subject, right? 
Shimmer bronzer is good to be applied on the cheekbones , not to the chin and the nose .
Sometimes I get bored for supper matte look , so that's why I applied to the cheekbone that shimmer and the other part I prefer to use matte .
Sexy brown tan results can be obtained with both types of bronzer itself.
But when you want to give a glowing effect to the face ,
 use shimmer bronzer on your cheekbones .
It is my tips to look as beautiful as possible with bronzer .
this bronzer could be use to warm up our face .


  • Compared to Gilded, Baked has less shimmer and it gives Silver effect. Meanwhile Gilded has more shimmer and a bit orange 
  • Travel Friendly 
  • Blends perfectly 
  • Build able without getting thick result 
  • Stays 6-8 hours 
  • Price : IDR 350.000 (Bought it through third party ) SEPHORA $26
  • Gives glowing effect so naturally 
  • Perfect for light medium skin tone 
  • perfect to warm up our face. 
  • so if your foundie is too light, you can apply this to make your skin darker. 

inti nya, ini lebih cocok untuk dipake warm up our face. 
bukan sebagai shading. this is just my opinion. 
but if you love shimmer look, go grab this.

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