Monday, February 23, 2015

Review : Make Up : Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

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Ummm today i wanna share my opinion about Face Primer.
I bet you guys already know what I'm going to review right?
So let's get started!!!

Primer is must have products if you have oily skin.
Primer makes your make up last longer.
Primer is used before the foundation, the formula will make your skin brighter
and of course will lock the foundation.
Maybe you ask me that you doubt the primer function which makes your face more oily.
Actually, there are some several types of face primer which works best for your skin type.

Okay so let me introduce this brand, Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever ALL MAT works well for oily skin. 
Texture bit like a gel but liquid. 
Apply this to whole face and see how good the result is. 

This is my favorite all the time.... 
I love MAKE UP FOR EVER so much. 
I feel like there is no wrong with this brand, except the price one! lol 
This works well for you guys who have normal or dry skin or Combination. 

Since I have combination skin, I choose this Primer than the ALL MAT
And actually every color on the primer represent every skin complexion. 
 white one , adds natural luminosity to the complexion
 Green,  minimizes redness - ideal for skin with rosacea
Yellow, lightens dark complexions
Purple,  counteracts sallow undertones
Pink,  brightens the complexion/ counteracts sallow undertones
Blue - adds radiance to fair skin/ reduces minor imperfections
Caramel, combats ashiness in medium to dark skin tones/warms golden tones
source : Sephora 

And I have the Pink one.....The beauty advisor said that the pink one is good for me
so I decided to buy it without any doubt. LOL

Products Details : 
  • Comes in 7 ranges which works well in  different complexion 
  • It makes my skin glowing and ready for foundation
  • Blends very well 
  • Comes with pumps, so I think it will be more hygienic
  • Nice smells 
  • It keeps my foundation last longer 
  • it controls oils on my face , specially T zone 
  • Dry quickly
  • It works fantastically for photography (but of course with good technique of make up)
  • I don't recommend if you have oily skin 
  • Pricey , about $40 

thanks guys! 

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