Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review : Make Up: Shu Uemura Face Powder Matte

Let's Talk about loose Powder. 
Yes i picked and trust my loose powder with Shu Uemura again. 

I'm not a big fan of loose powder before then i have to change my mind which loose powder is great!!!! 

This loose powder helps me to achieve glowing skin. I picked the shade medium Light. 

Review : 

- Loose powder gives you less coverage but so damn flawless 
- comes in so many shades available. 
- Very nice packaging. 
- 20 gr. 
- Matte finish 
-comes with the sponge. sponge very great! Trust me . 
- Price : 580.000 
- you can use sponge or brush . Which ine you prefer it is up to you! 
- white coear packaging. 

Cons : 
Sometimes if you put too much loose powder it gonna be messy. Bulky for packaging. 

Another great loose powders are Estee Lauder Loose Powder and Make Up For Ever! They are cheaper than Shu Uemura but very very great quality. I have been using Estee Lauder Loose Powder , and i love them so much but i want to change my loose powder brand to review new stuff that is great too. 

What's you favorite loose powder ? 

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Review : Shu Uemura Pore Eraser

Shu Uemura is one of my favorite brand.
I'm always in love with this Japanese Brand. 

Not gonna make too long convo, I'm going to review one of my holy grail primer. It's Shu Uemura Pore Eraser. 

Shake it very well before you pump it! 

The color is beige and i think it suits for every tones . 

Tips : 
- you have to shake it very well. 
- it comes in mousse. so be careful guys when you push the button, you will get mousse and don't push it too hard since you will get tons of mousse. Lol . 
- you can apply it after you apply your moisturizer. 
- dab motions for flawless result . 
- apply it with your fingers, cause if you sponge- it could absorb like hell into your sponge. Don't waste the money to absorb on your sponge - not face . ( my opinion ) 

The price. It's 550.000 

- long lasting make up if you apply this before foundation. 
- helps uneven skin 
- Matte finish - no oily at all. 
- minimize your pores 
- 2 in 1 function ; make up base + UV protection. 
-erased the redness on your face. 

Well guys this one is matte finish so it's perfect for you who has oily or combo skin . 
But if you have dry skin and your foundie is so dewy, this primer could be best for you since you don't have to look so glossy or oily on your face . 

Actually you can find this one on sheer finish. But i prefer this matte one cause my lightbulb foundie have dewy result. 

You can find this on Sogo , Metro , Lotte department store. 

Bye ! 
See you on next post! 
Love ya bugs! 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lancome Rouge Lipstick 390

Product Informations: 
  • very moisturizing 
  • is not make my lips dry 
  • shimmer or glossy finish. I love glossy than matte one! 
  • very sheer 
  • For this Rouge Lipstick 390, the color actually is a little it coral soft pink! 
  • long lasting, but of course it's not like the power of matte lipstick! 
  • price : IDR. 300.000 
  • Luxury packaging.
  • You can find it on Sogo, Metro, Seibu , even Matahari Taman Anggrek carry this brand! 
  • Magnet on the packaging , so that's good! 

kinda matte finish when you apply lip base. 
but if you love glossy / sheer finish, it could be better for you don't apply anything to your lips. just leave it bare and apply this lancome 

The colors on me 

that's all 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Review : Make Up : Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation 754

Hey Hey Girls. 
Okay so today I'm gonna share with you the best foundation for my skin nowadays. 

Well, Perhaps you might think that every foundations that i post on my blog are recommended or always i say something good. 
Actually let me explain to you that my skin regime has change alot. Yes a lot. 

I used to have combo skin which oily on T zone and Dry on the cheek. 
I have been struggle a lot with Acne and right now The acne gone ( i mean 1-4 active acnes before the period day which is normal right ) and my skin nowadays completly dry!!!! 
And i fell like oh my gosh its completely dry and i have to change my foundie since my foundie always Matte finish not dewy at all. 

I used to hate dewy finish because that's kinda oily when I don't do the touch up things. I'm a big fan of Matte! 

The opposite thing happens and now i love to have dewy finish. Dewy finish makes my skin more radiant and could hide my dry patches very well. Imagine when my skin is dry and i have to apply the matte foundie. I'm def sure it gonna be crack up and mu skin looks dehydration. Lol . 

So I picked this Shu uemura foundation the Lightbulb Series which perfect for dry skin. If you have oily or combo skin , you might need face architect for Matte look. 

Shu Uemura is Japanese High end Brand of Make Up. It's Very Popular on Asia and easy to find in Asia Country . But it's kinda difficult to find the store in USA , When you want to purchase it and you stay in USA , the better ways to have it is just buy it online. 

Pro : 
-It gives you luminous result 
-Dewy finish, not oily which is great . 
-Easy to blend. 
-Better application with the Bulb Sponge, which is when you buy this foundie , you def will get the bulb sponge. 
-Comes in range of colors for People with Yellow, Pink and neutral Undertone. 
-It oxidizes after 10 minutes. And will mot oxidize again later after that time. <you can do your eyes, eyebrow after you apply this foundie , so it could set up the foundie and you will see the best result on your face> 
- comes in pumps which is great ! 
Medium to full coverage 

You can apply with kinda brush / sponge 

Cons : 
-Melt off when you don't use primer 
-melt off when you don't lock it with powder / loose powder 
- it's a little pricey. 700.000 IDR or 55$ . But hey with 55$ you get the white High end sponge which is dual side. 

When i applied it on my friend's face. 
See the flawless result. You will see mine also . Lol 

What's on my face : 
-Shu Uemura Pore Eraser. 
-Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundie 754 Medium Beige. 
- Chanel Perfection Lumiere 20.
-estee Lauder Powder 
-Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade.
-Nice and Spicy Lip Liner 
-Make Up Store Gel Liner 
-Make Up for Ever star powder for tear duct area. 
-Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit 
-Urban Decay Naked 3 
-Mist and Fix Make Up for ever 
-Nars Pierre Hardy limited editon, shade Boys don't Cry.  
- Fake lashes
-Lancome Hypnose Doll Mascarra. 

And you are ready to Go! Too glam to give a damn! 

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Review : Make Up : Urban Decay Baked Bronzer

hello welcome to my blog!!!!!
Definitely you guys have heard what bronzer actually is .
So for those who do not know , a bronzer that is part of the make up used for ,
Shading and contouring .
We do the shading or contouring it because we want to appear to look much more perfect .
For example , slimmer our nose without nose job , shaped our face or 
want to look sexy tan skin.
This time I would love to give you tips for all of you who want to look damn good

For bronzer itself is divided into two ,
there are matte and shimmer results .

Matte :
Matte bronzer that are usually used for shading on the face or body to get best look prefectly. 
 For example, in this case , we want to have simmer face, nose , we can use a matte bronzer on the cheekbones us to make it obvious or at the chin to look get slimmer faces 
or perhaps in the nose to make it look like have a nose job. Lol
. It was tips from me to use a matte bronzer type .

Shimmer bronzer is less suitable for people who want to get sharp or straight look.
 if you want to look thin or slimmer, it would be better to use a matte .
But again the issue like it or not it depends on the individual subject, right? 
Shimmer bronzer is good to be applied on the cheekbones , not to the chin and the nose .
Sometimes I get bored for supper matte look , so that's why I applied to the cheekbone that shimmer and the other part I prefer to use matte .
Sexy brown tan results can be obtained with both types of bronzer itself.
But when you want to give a glowing effect to the face ,
 use shimmer bronzer on your cheekbones .
It is my tips to look as beautiful as possible with bronzer .
this bronzer could be use to warm up our face .


  • Compared to Gilded, Baked has less shimmer and it gives Silver effect. Meanwhile Gilded has more shimmer and a bit orange 
  • Travel Friendly 
  • Blends perfectly 
  • Build able without getting thick result 
  • Stays 6-8 hours 
  • Price : IDR 350.000 (Bought it through third party ) SEPHORA $26
  • Gives glowing effect so naturally 
  • Perfect for light medium skin tone 
  • perfect to warm up our face. 
  • so if your foundie is too light, you can apply this to make your skin darker. 

inti nya, ini lebih cocok untuk dipake warm up our face. 
bukan sebagai shading. this is just my opinion. 
but if you love shimmer look, go grab this.

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Review : Make Up : Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

Hello Gorgeous. 
Awww thanks for visiting 
You are in the right place to maximize your own beauty. 
Ummm today i wanna share my opinion about Face Primer.
I bet you guys already know what I'm going to review right?
So let's get started!!!

Primer is must have products if you have oily skin.
Primer makes your make up last longer.
Primer is used before the foundation, the formula will make your skin brighter
and of course will lock the foundation.
Maybe you ask me that you doubt the primer function which makes your face more oily.
Actually, there are some several types of face primer which works best for your skin type.

Okay so let me introduce this brand, Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever ALL MAT works well for oily skin. 
Texture bit like a gel but liquid. 
Apply this to whole face and see how good the result is. 

This is my favorite all the time.... 
I love MAKE UP FOR EVER so much. 
I feel like there is no wrong with this brand, except the price one! lol 
This works well for you guys who have normal or dry skin or Combination. 

Since I have combination skin, I choose this Primer than the ALL MAT
And actually every color on the primer represent every skin complexion. 
 white one , adds natural luminosity to the complexion
 Green,  minimizes redness - ideal for skin with rosacea
Yellow, lightens dark complexions
Purple,  counteracts sallow undertones
Pink,  brightens the complexion/ counteracts sallow undertones
Blue - adds radiance to fair skin/ reduces minor imperfections
Caramel, combats ashiness in medium to dark skin tones/warms golden tones
source : Sephora 

And I have the Pink one.....The beauty advisor said that the pink one is good for me
so I decided to buy it without any doubt. LOL

Products Details : 
  • Comes in 7 ranges which works well in  different complexion 
  • It makes my skin glowing and ready for foundation
  • Blends very well 
  • Comes with pumps, so I think it will be more hygienic
  • Nice smells 
  • It keeps my foundation last longer 
  • it controls oils on my face , specially T zone 
  • Dry quickly
  • It works fantastically for photography (but of course with good technique of make up)
  • I don't recommend if you have oily skin 
  • Pricey , about $40 

thanks guys! 

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Review : Etude House Eyeshadow

Wanna be cute? let's play with Etude! 
yeah ini brand memang di design untuk cewek cewek cantik disana. 
and pastinya udha sering denger lah ini brand. 

Kali ini mau review soal eyeshadow dari etude itu sendiri. 
ini palette pertama aku dari etude untuk eyeshadow. 
sebelumnya aku lebih suka matte dibanding shimmer. 
tapi why not to try this Product, right ? 

warna : Champagne (highlighter), black (outer v ) , soft pink and flirty brown (lid)
ga menutup kemungkinan kalian bisa mix and match sesuka hati, tapi pastinya yang paling outer itu lebih gelap yang girls. 
or highlighter bisa di applikasikan di sudut dalam or dibawah tulang alis.

Terdapat petunjuk untuk pengaplikasian warna eyeshadow di box etude house eyeshadow


1. Lebih ke Shimmer colors . 

2. Warnanya lengkap dari light hingga ke gelap. Sehingga lengkap untuk riasan mata. 

3. didalamnya terdapat Kaca cukup besar 

4. didalamnya terdapat 2 applikator untuk membantu pengaplikasian eyeshadow. 

5. aku saranin pake primer or eye base terlebih dahulu agar warna shimmer terlihat jelas. 

6. bagi yang suka define eye make up, sexy, strong, tough girl ini palette bukan untuk kalian. Karena palette ini lebih di design untuk girly look, or seperti Kpop stars gitu. Dimana eye make up lebih ditonjolkan dibagaian eye liner bukan eye shadow. 

7. bisa didapatkan diselruh counter etude house indonesia 

8. Harga sekitar 400.000 IDR (aku lupa pastinya berapa)
beli di counter, so the price is more expensive than i gave to buy online

9. Design pastinya sangat Etude yaitu girly look with touch of Pink. 

10. Kalo bisa kuas untuk pengaplikasian dibasahin dulu agar warna nya lebih keluar dan pigmented. 

Sekian ya. 
Aku saranin selalu pake primer dan basahin kalo bisa kuas nya dulu sehingga bisa agak nempel si eyeshadow yang cute ini.

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Review : Make Up :The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Body OilReview

Hello everyone 
Glowing skin is very important for you girls.
Because when you wear shorts and it means you have to show your skin much.
It is very essentials if you wear short pants or mini skirt , you are not allow to look dull or bulky.
that's totally NAY!!! 
Imagine If you wear mini dress out skirt or short and you show your glowing skin. 
Ummm totally stunning baby! 

So today I want to share with you about how to get glowing skin whenever you wanna go, party, mall, beach, event or etc. want to know what is the recipe ? So please check this out !
Oh yeah, this is summer baby. So get your Fake Tan!!!!
Summer is not complete without looking tan and glow

So, I think for you girls it is must to take care your skin.
Actually is not only about you face skin but also your body skin. 
You can do the routine such as spa, massage, or after shower routine such as put body butter, body lotion or whatever. Those routine will definitely very helpful for this products which I'm going to review about. 

So today it's all about Honey Bronze from The Body Shop.

It says on the website : 
Give your skin an even bronzed look with a hint of shimmer with a lightweight body oil.
Natural & Sheer
Honey-bronze glow
Tan-enhancing shimmer
Non-greasy finish

Product Details : 
  • The Texture is Oil 
  • This product smells so damn Great. 
  • The smells really last long
  • Tan-enhancing shimmer 
  • You have to make sure it's going to DRY first before you wear your get ready dress. 
  • 100 ml
  • Blends so nicely into the skin
  • Perfect for your summer Fake Tan 
  • Repurchase ? YES. 
  • only IDR 229.000 OR $23
Kadang aku pengen terlihat lebih gelap kulitnya. 
jadi ini andalan aku buat terlihat lebih gelap/ tan. hahha 

Cons: Suka nempel di baju. better keringin dulu bener bener!

Bye bye see you next post

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