Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall for Green!

Yassss! Fashion blog post! 

Today i want to share with you about my new shoes , high heels! 

Fall! Even though We have no Fall season in Indonesia , but i keep follow the trends.  Fall's perfect colors are Green, Burgundy, Chocolate, hazel and many more . 
And green is my fave color all the time. 

Yass Again! Rococo Store my fave place to shoe shops! You can find so many good shoes in here. Good price or nahh its depend on your budget right ? 

Anyways, they have good sale / discount right now . You can visit their boutique or web and welcome to the shoe heaven! Lol! Hurry hurry ! Lets shop because good shoes always sell out so freakin fast! You sure dont wanna miss your size right ? 

I picked my Giuseppe Zanotti! Ahh i fall in love with Giuseooe Zanotti so much . 
Its super pretty right ? 

Lets try on my feet !!!!! 

Tatto and shoes are on point ! Lol! 
Its super high and when you try Giuseppe Zanotti you def feel different cause its super light. Its not heavy at all. That's the different of Giuseppe and others.  Price Never Lie baby! 

What's your Fall shoes? 

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