Thursday, November 6, 2014

Birthday Celebration

It is very nice to hang around with your besties! They are all know you very well and accept you who you are . Yeah that's how I describe  about my friends. For me friendship is like love without wings . Figure it out by yourself if you dont know bout the meaning . Try to understand and feel it lol . This was famous quotes by Byron . He is such an amazing guy to describe thing with sweet and elegant words! I'm so impressed ! 

And back to topic since today is all about my birthday feast . I want you to meet my friends too . 
They are actually my high school mates ! I feel blessed and proud to have them cause they are amazing friends! 

My high school mates in Mojokerto! 
Pic taken at Kapin Restaurant Shark Fin ! Best Chinese restaurant besides Halim, Bima , double happiness and many more in surabaya ! 

Thanks to her for special birthday gift and spent your days here in Surabaya with me ! 
My friend , Nathalie came from Jakarta and spent couples days in Surabaya too ! And yeah let's make it riot ! Lol !!!!!!! 

Thank you guys for your birthday wishes and lots of support and love !! 
See you next post 

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