Friday, October 3, 2014

Estee Lauder Micro Essence

It is very important for me to take care our skin, to keep it healthy. 
skincare is the most essentials part for me. 
Well, I love my new Estee Lauder Micro Essence so much. 
it feels great on my skin. 

I keep fall in love with Estee Lauder Products.
it claims that give you angelic glow for your skin. 
it moisturize, soothing, smoothing, and helps to renew our skin to keep it balance. 
it claims that skin active its natural resistance to visible signs of aging. 
Skin looks younger and healthier now and in the future . 

How to use it is very simple. 
You have to wash your face first. and I'm using Perfectly clean from Estee Lauder too. 
After you wash you face, you can move into this one or you can apply your toner. 
I'm using toner from my doctor first before i apply this one. 
let it dry for 5 minutes then i move into this one. 
Don't spread it too harsh on your face. just Dab it slowly. 

Okay, so i move it again with my Serum. You can pick any serum, 
but i'm using Advance Night Repair from Estee Lauder. 
don't ask me why I use all Estee Lauder products. lol 
I love Estee Lauder since the first time. 
you can check my previous posts to check and prove it that I do love it so much. 

After your serum done, you can apply your moisturizer. 
I usewhat my doc gives me to apply as moisturizer. 

Keep that routine everyday. 
and sorry about my acne scars. 
having period just make my skin worse. 

This Estee Lauder Texture is liquid. 
Yeah just like the other essence in the market. 

It comes in 150ml/5oz 

luxury packaging. 

absorbs quickly. perfectly pair with Advance Night Repair for better result. 

gives you angelic glow. 

not smelly at all. 

Its quite pricey. In Indonesia, its about IDR.1.000.000 

Well, since it great on my skin, i think i will repurchase it once it runs out. 

It's okay to mix it with other brands, but i do recommend you to use Advance Night Repair for better result. 

have a good day peps!

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