Friday, October 3, 2014

Estee Lauder Envy Shine Lipstick

i was so exited to attend this events. 
i think it because, (perhaps) last event that i could attend, since i'm going to move and back to Surabaya. T___T

it was very nice to see all friends and thanks as always to Erfan who invited me to this beautiful event. 

so, the event located at Kedai Kopi 89, Kemang Raya. 
start from 2-5 pm. 
Oh my Gosh look at the huge Lipsticks! 
 This lipstick is different than others, it because of new formula and of course it is really worth to buy. 
 sometimes, when you want this colors, as seen on the pictures, sometimes it didn't work out on your lips, right? 
but with this lipstick, what you see is what you get. 
exact same color whoaa awesome baby!

Lipstick ini texturenya bukan matte, bukan terlalu glossy juga. 
tap cenderung ke matte tapi ga bikin bibir kering. 
terkandung formula yang ga bikin bibir kering intinya. 

and ini lipstick istilahnya dilihat dari segala arah it berdimensi dan ber volmue gitu. 
artinya, ketika kita apply di bibir kita, kelihatan berdimensi gitu. ga flat flat ajah. 
pastinya bikin kita envy gitu inspirasi dari lipstik ini. 

huge , bigger better! lol

 Heels : Jeffrey Campbell
Bag : Kate Spade 
Rings : Queenpee and NOIR from num8ereight
stocking : sox gallery 
make up by me of course. 
Erfan and I/ HITZ PR EVER !

 Oh wait, I did look so much taller here. lol 
thank you so much Jeffrey Campbell! 

The Estee Lauder Team and I 

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