Friday, October 3, 2014

Estee Lauder Micro Essence

It is very important for me to take care our skin, to keep it healthy. 
skincare is the most essentials part for me. 
Well, I love my new Estee Lauder Micro Essence so much. 
it feels great on my skin. 

I keep fall in love with Estee Lauder Products.
it claims that give you angelic glow for your skin. 
it moisturize, soothing, smoothing, and helps to renew our skin to keep it balance. 
it claims that skin active its natural resistance to visible signs of aging. 
Skin looks younger and healthier now and in the future . 

How to use it is very simple. 
You have to wash your face first. and I'm using Perfectly clean from Estee Lauder too. 
After you wash you face, you can move into this one or you can apply your toner. 
I'm using toner from my doctor first before i apply this one. 
let it dry for 5 minutes then i move into this one. 
Don't spread it too harsh on your face. just Dab it slowly. 

Okay, so i move it again with my Serum. You can pick any serum, 
but i'm using Advance Night Repair from Estee Lauder. 
don't ask me why I use all Estee Lauder products. lol 
I love Estee Lauder since the first time. 
you can check my previous posts to check and prove it that I do love it so much. 

After your serum done, you can apply your moisturizer. 
I usewhat my doc gives me to apply as moisturizer. 

Keep that routine everyday. 
and sorry about my acne scars. 
having period just make my skin worse. 

This Estee Lauder Texture is liquid. 
Yeah just like the other essence in the market. 

It comes in 150ml/5oz 

luxury packaging. 

absorbs quickly. perfectly pair with Advance Night Repair for better result. 

gives you angelic glow. 

not smelly at all. 

Its quite pricey. In Indonesia, its about IDR.1.000.000 

Well, since it great on my skin, i think i will repurchase it once it runs out. 

It's okay to mix it with other brands, but i do recommend you to use Advance Night Repair for better result. 

have a good day peps!

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Estee Lauder Envy Shine Lipstick

i was so exited to attend this events. 
i think it because, (perhaps) last event that i could attend, since i'm going to move and back to Surabaya. T___T

it was very nice to see all friends and thanks as always to Erfan who invited me to this beautiful event. 

so, the event located at Kedai Kopi 89, Kemang Raya. 
start from 2-5 pm. 
Oh my Gosh look at the huge Lipsticks! 
 This lipstick is different than others, it because of new formula and of course it is really worth to buy. 
 sometimes, when you want this colors, as seen on the pictures, sometimes it didn't work out on your lips, right? 
but with this lipstick, what you see is what you get. 
exact same color whoaa awesome baby!

Lipstick ini texturenya bukan matte, bukan terlalu glossy juga. 
tap cenderung ke matte tapi ga bikin bibir kering. 
terkandung formula yang ga bikin bibir kering intinya. 

and ini lipstick istilahnya dilihat dari segala arah it berdimensi dan ber volmue gitu. 
artinya, ketika kita apply di bibir kita, kelihatan berdimensi gitu. ga flat flat ajah. 
pastinya bikin kita envy gitu inspirasi dari lipstik ini. 

huge , bigger better! lol

 Heels : Jeffrey Campbell
Bag : Kate Spade 
Rings : Queenpee and NOIR from num8ereight
stocking : sox gallery 
make up by me of course. 
Erfan and I/ HITZ PR EVER !

 Oh wait, I did look so much taller here. lol 
thank you so much Jeffrey Campbell! 

The Estee Lauder Team and I 

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Pentingnya untuk menjaga kesehatan kulit kita. 
dengan Make Up pastinya membuat kita semakin percaya diri, tapi apa akibatnya apabila kita terlalu sering menggunakan Make Up? 
Bukannya malah sehat ini kulit tapi malah bikin jerawatan. 
and yeah itu pastinya pernah gue alamin. 
Make up yang ga kita bersihkan dengan sempurna, membuat jerawatan!!!! 
duh I hate it so much. 

and today I'll show you my secret to remove sisa sisa make up diwajah. 
and I trust my cleansing oil with MAC! 
My previous cleansing oil was from Shu Uemura. 
but i want to try something new. 
and I love this my MAC CLEANSING OIL.

sebelumnya, Shu aku habis and i try local brand(will not mention the name) , 
it did good job to remove the make up, tapi kok lama lama perih banget. 
and setelah perih pada bagian tertentu, keluar jerawat satu satu. 
kaya Iritasi gitu. duhhhh kesel banget rasanya. 
pengennya cari yang lebih murah, tapi malah jerawatan parah. 
jadi kalo menurut gue, kalo lo udah cocok sama brand tertentu, jangan ganti ganti deh. 

Both Shu and Mac did very great Job. 
and my skin is love MAC too. so i decide to take MAC.

Cara pakai pastinya sama seperti layaknya cleansing oil lainnya. 
instruksi dalam bahasa Indonesia, disuruh pakai kapas. 
Bu trust me, Kapas malah absorb oilnya lebih banyak. 
and I prefer massage it into my face directly then remove it with cotton pad. 

and just like that. 
super easy. 
and say bye to your make up. 
let your bare face take a breathe. 

price 390.000
and I got it from Sogo. 
you can purchase it at SOGO/ MAC Store.
150 ML
Comes in pumps.
you only need 1 pumps only . well actually depends on your face lah ya.

bersih! done! 
Pastinya tinggal cuci muka and biarkan kulit mu bernafas.
so what's your daily routine to cleanse your make up? 

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Review

Estee Lauder has been my favorite brand since long time ago. 
I don't know why, i just feel like this is me! 
Estee Lauder products represent what I want. 

Lipsticks is girl best friend! 
I do collect some of lipsticks. 
and My rule about lipstick is "BUY IT IN EVERY COLORS" 

this is the swatch like! 

details : 
  • very moisturizing 
  • is not make my lips dry 
  • shimmer or glossy finish. I love glossy than matte one! 
  • very pigmented 
  • For this number , actually it's not red, but a little bit like deep pink! 
  • long lasting, but of course it's not like the power of matte lipstick! 
  • price : IDR. 280.000 
  • Luxury packaging. Signature of Estee Lauder, Gold and Navy Blue!
  • You can find it on Sogo, Metro, Seibu , even Matahari Taman Anggrek carry this brand!  
So, what do you think? 
what's your favorite colors?

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Alexander Wang White Contrast Heels

White is always must have color in the closet. 
No matter about bag, clothing even shoes. 
White is so lovely color that match with everything. 
Nude, Black and White are must have colors in the world. 

I bought this Alexander Wang White Contrast heels. 
First time i saw it I know it will looks good on my feet. 
Look at the heels type so freakin cool. 
and once you wear it, you got the style bebe!!

this is how it looks like 

Brand : Alexander Wang 
Fit : True Size. 
Color: White 
Heels : 10 CM 
Type : Super Pointed 
Bought it from : On pedder- Plaza Indonesia 
Price : 7.000.000 
i got disc, i just need to pay 4.600.000 something. 
i dont remember it 

go DENIM-CASUAL with White Contrast

Even my puppy loves it so much 
Say Hi Boss. 

love my new heels. 
see you next post 

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