Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's time to rock fashion again baby! 
was so busy and i cheat (this time) to blog about my new flat shoes. 
this is my third flat shoes. 

bought it from On Pedder Jakarta- Plaza Indonesia. 
Sometimes, ga pengen ribet pake heels but i'm not so confident enough pake flat. 
Sam Edelman itu design amerika punya. 
so i recommend you kalo mau beli mending setengah size lebih kecil . 
misal kamu size 38, beli size 37.5 untuk brand ini. hehhehe 

this is how it looks on my feet. 
pretty enough for flat shoes . 
you can get this brand only at On Pedder Plaza Indonesia, sebrang Starbucks, depan Loewe. 
On pedder menjual berbagai macam sepatu dari yang agak murah hingga high end. 

for this shoes, price : 1.300.000 kalau ga salah. 
So, you don't have to afraid masuk On pedder hehhee. 
karena ga semua nya mahal. 
You can get this American Brand with not so expensive price, right ? 

ini model agak gladiator, jadi mending pake hot pants/skirt untuk show the gladiator part. 
but it is my personal thought, how about your style to rock this shoes?

thank you for reading

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