Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brian Atwood Gold Besame Heels

Oh i Love this Statement T shirt so much. hahhaha
Well well well this is Well said!!! 
First time i saw this t shirt, one thing on my mind was Buy it! 
this is for my haters only! 

this is the back side position of the T shirt, and look at that hastag! 
I kinda Loled!!!! hahhahah. 

Well, jujur ga pernah gue ngurusin hidup orang lain. 
dia mau post apapun ya itu hak dia. 
paling kalo ga suka ya udah jagan diliat or disimpen ajah dalam hati. 
and gue punya haters yang suka comment ini itu. 
Yang katanya gue aneh la, sepatu gue aneh, ga wajar, mau dipake kemana. 
Makasih banget comments nya, tapi sebenernya ya terserah gue kan mau beli atau enggak. 
makasih tapi sarannya untuk consider about my freaky shoes! hehhe. 
but sometimes comment nya pedes amat sampe nyelekit. Mau kok gue nerima saran, dan makasih sarannya. Tapi kadang kok pedessss bukan main. hhahaha.
but as shoes, specially heels lovers, ga akan berhenti post soal heels. hehehhe 

As shoes lovers, Have 3-5 pairs of shoes are not enough!!! 
there's always space for new shoes! hahhaa . 
Got this from NUM8EREIGHT plaza Indonesia. 
deket Benefit store. 
Num8ereight is multi branded store, they sell such as high end brand for clothing, shoes, bags and Accessories. 
Mary Kat Rant Zou, Balmaim, Carolina Herera, Mawi, Kenneth Jay Lane, Shourouk, Pierre Hardy, Walter Steiger, Brian Atwood, Gianvito Rossi, and many more ada disana. 
lengkap banget koleksi dari Num8ereight. 
trust me you need more cash to go there. hahhaa. All beautiful Collection that will be caught your eyes.

I decide to buy this sheos. 
This is how it looks on my feet. 
This Gold Brian Atwood is so damn good right? 

Brand : Brian Atwood 
type : Besame Pump
Color: Gold. 
Type : Pointed pump 
Price : IDR 9.300.000
but i got discount 30%, so i just need to pay about IDR.6.500.000 something. 
heels : 12 cm 

and i did upload this on my Instagram @lidiacaterinef 
follow me ! hehhehe 
and see what i got like from Brian Atwood and Matt Savoia. 
oh my gosh, so great that they liked my pic. 
thank you Brian Atwood and Matt Savoia

love your design so much Brian Atwood. 

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