Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Alexander Wang White Contrast Heels

White is always must have color in the closet. 
No matter about bag, clothing even shoes. 
White is so lovely color that match with everything. 
Nude, Black and White are must have colors in the world. 

I bought this Alexander Wang White Contrast heels. 
First time i saw it I know it will looks good on my feet. 
Look at the heels type so freakin cool. 
and once you wear it, you got the style bebe!!

this is how it looks like 

Brand : Alexander Wang 
Fit : True Size. 
Color: White 
Heels : 10 CM 
Type : Super Pointed 
Bought it from : On pedder- Plaza Indonesia 
Price : 7.000.000 
i got disc, i just need to pay 4.600.000 something. 
i dont remember it 

go DENIM-CASUAL with White Contrast

Even my puppy loves it so much 
Say Hi Boss. 

love my new heels. 
see you next post 

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