Friday, May 23, 2014


Let's shop till drop that's my motto of life! 

i just don't know why i love shopping so much. 
i'm sure all the girls feel the same way right ? 

So today, i'm going to Num8ereight Indonesia, located at Plaza Indonesia L3. 
The place actually behind the batik keris and benefit pop up store. 

Num8ereight is multi branded store which carrying so many branded stuffs and definitely luxury! 
They are Brian at wood, Noir, Marykatrantzou, Gianvitto Rossi 
you better visit this store if you want to purchase something bling and super hits! 

My new rings from Num8ereight 

let's play with blings blings blings! 

but first, always take a selfie 

Shoes by Charles David, from ROCOCO STORE plaza Indonesia 
Bag : kate spade 
pants dan inner blouse : Secret Boutique Surabaya 
Blazer : 

If you want me to compare my fave store, they are Masari, Rococo Store, On Pedder and Num8ereight. 
I have to say that for Accessories, Masari is the winner. 
second place for Num8ereight. 
oh yeah , for your information, The three store carries different brands, so you guys could purchase something that is not really familiar in Indonesia, or International brand i mean.

For SHOES, I love love love ROCOCO STORE and On Pedder! 

Every store has every own style , which they want to concertate with.

so, what's your fave store to shop ?

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