Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Summer 2014 FOTD and OOTD Charles David

 It's Spring Summer 2014 yeayyy! 
let's change our looks! 
this is how i look. 
Dress by Minimal IDR.399000
Earring by Miriam Haskell , Rococo Accessories  IDR.400.000
Brow: Actually i use eyeshadow as brow powder lol 
and to make it stay longer i use Dolly wink brow gel 
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundie 
Tony Moly Powder 
Nars Blush on 
Urban Decay baked bronzer 
Elise Lashes 
Make Up store Gel liner.
Lipstick by lancome 390 

Anastasia Sinatar and I were attend some events 

For the make up since it's SS 14, i don't have yo apply very dark, smoky or intense eye makeup. 
I prefer light but always with lashes and full liner. 
For spring summer look, let's play with colors! 
that's tips from me. 
that's the FOTD. Now let's move to OOTD! 


I'm a shoes lovers. You know it already right? 
so actually i was attend the Stuart Weitzman Trunk show for Spring Summer 2014 at plaza Indonesia.
Yeah, let's shop and change our wardrobe into spring summer collections! 
I was invited to attend this and i was so excited because not all people could attend this event.
anyways, yeah i bought new shoes from ROCOCO STORE, plaza Indonesia.
Rococo Store, Stuart Weitzman, and Giusseppe Zannoti are one group under rococstore. 
So, if you had a member, you can use your member to those store that i mention! 

Rococo sells authentic stuffs. If you on budget, you can still purchase the items of rococo , only on Rococo Rack Fx and Dharmawangsa Square. They have discount up to 70% , hurry up before it sold out! 
Rococorack is store which have discounted items, meanwhile ROCOCO STORE is multibranded shoe and bags store which has new arrival stuffs. 
so they are same group but different price range since Rococo Store carrying new one and Rococo rack carrying discount items. 
i'm not being paid for this shout out actually. I just wanna share this info with you guys!

Charles David is an American design company of luxury leather goods and shoes.
Comfy yes, and looks pretty on our feet! 
this is how the shoes looks like. 
So perfect for glam look! 
i love pointed shoes so much!  

looks good on my feet 
Price : IDR . 1.390.000 / $ 140
Pointed shoes 
Brand : Charles by Charles David 
Type : Metallic Cork 

So, how's your FOTD + OOTD  of SS 14? 

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Friday, May 23, 2014


Let's shop till drop that's my motto of life! 

i just don't know why i love shopping so much. 
i'm sure all the girls feel the same way right ? 

So today, i'm going to Num8ereight Indonesia, located at Plaza Indonesia L3. 
The place actually behind the batik keris and benefit pop up store. 

Num8ereight is multi branded store which carrying so many branded stuffs and definitely luxury! 
They are Brian at wood, Noir, Marykatrantzou, Gianvitto Rossi 
you better visit this store if you want to purchase something bling and super hits! 

My new rings from Num8ereight 

let's play with blings blings blings! 

but first, always take a selfie 

Shoes by Charles David, from ROCOCO STORE plaza Indonesia 
Bag : kate spade 
pants dan inner blouse : Secret Boutique Surabaya 
Blazer : 

If you want me to compare my fave store, they are Masari, Rococo Store, On Pedder and Num8ereight. 
I have to say that for Accessories, Masari is the winner. 
second place for Num8ereight. 
oh yeah , for your information, The three store carries different brands, so you guys could purchase something that is not really familiar in Indonesia, or International brand i mean.

For SHOES, I love love love ROCOCO STORE and On Pedder! 

Every store has every own style , which they want to concertate with.

so, what's your fave store to shop ?

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pakistani Lebanse Bridal Make Up

So, i think that you know it already what i'm going to talk about. 
Yes, it is Arabic Bridal Makeup. 
I love Arabic eye make up, which is mysterious , dark, smoky look. 
So, if you are looking for Asian/ Pakistani/ Lebanese Bridal make up, this is the look that you can take a look! lol  

To be Honest that I'm so obsessed with this look. 
I don't like light eye make up 
i love full liner and of course dramatic lashes! 
That's so me!  

So what i apply on my face and eyes are : 

Artist of Make Up luminous Foundation
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow 
Tony Moly Cat Wink Powder 
BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow 
Mac Soft Ochre Eye Base 
Shu Uemura Lipstick 
Elise Lashes 
Make Up Store Gel Liner 
Nars Blush on, Boys don't cry Limited edition  
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer 

SO, like what do you think? 
do you like this look?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty Class with Upan Duvan at Mal Alam Sutra

Hello hello welcome to my blog. 
So actually, i got an invitation to attend the beauty class with Upan Duvan! 
Yeah, He is celebrity Make Up artist, his clients such as Luna Maya, Agnes Monica, Mulan Jamella and many more. Hits pastinya lah ya. 

Lokasinya ini di Mall Alam Sutra, Naeswari Lounge! 
start from 2 pm.
Excited pastinya walaupun udah bisa dandan tapi apa salahnya kalau kita mendapat ilmu yang jauh lebih dalam dan bisa belajar langsung dari yang expert! 
Do you guys agree with me ? 

disana alat sudah disediakan and sponsored by Za Cosmetics! 
but aku ga nyaman apabila ga pake alat sendiri hahhaah. 
jadi aku bawa juga dari rumah khususnya kuas yang diaplikasikan ke wajah, misal kuas foundie, blush on or bedak. 
hehheehe .  

Ini lagi preparation mereka 

Lengkap pokoknya cosmetics dari ZA
Well. kalo yang belum tahu comsetics dan skincare dari ZA, ZA ini adalah sister line dari Shiseido Japan. 
So you don't have to worry about the quality about ZA. 
Harga juga cukup terjangkau

Silver Swan ini local brand with very high quality. 
keuntungannya salah satunya adalah kita dapat lem juga didalamnya yang ok banget.

lagi memandangi wajah sendiri. hehhee
  pertama - tama kata si Upan Duvan itu, remove your make up or cleanse your face first.
Setelah itu , pandangi wajah kita, lihat apa kelebihan dan kekurangan wajah kita. 
Misal yang alisnya ga rapi, ya dirapikan gitu. 
atau misal pipi nya chubby, kenali dulu baru lakukan shading nantinya. 
gitu kata si Upan Duvan. 
intinya kenali wajah kita terlebih dahulu, dan bahwa kita semua itu cantik. 
Tapi akan lebih cantik apabila kita perhatian dengan merawat wajah kita. 

Upan Duvan with her Model  

that's wrap! 
so do you like the make up? 

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Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey Hey M.A.C Lovers! 
So, yeah it's Spring Summer time. I'm super excited about SS14 to be honest.
That's why i have to attend so many events to join their party because it's launching time for their new season collections! All gonna be filled with new stuffs 
and the good news is ,today i'm going to share with you guys, how was it going . 

Some new eyeshadow pigments, new colors of lip gloss and cream blush.
As you can see from the box, the colors both so spring summer right ? 
bright and playful to play with.
That's why let's play with our eye make up. 
don't use heavy colors of eye makeup. You can mix it with pastel , glittery or shimmery. 
and of course bring it back your natural glow! You can use highlighter to make your healthy look and your flawless skin. 

I was attend the event. 
location at Metro Pasific Place! 
Socialite and Media were there too. 
Me in Mac Rebel Lipstick. 
oh looks like bad gal! 
 actually the colors is darker on my lips, but the lighting make it looks like deep red. 

By the way I love my New Fashion Statement Earrings. 
My earring is from Frangos Jewelry. 
Yo can buy it only at Plaza Indonesia, Masari Store. 
Masari is store which they carry so many branded brand from shoes, clutch and accessories! 
I love Masari Store so much 

My Frangos Earing's price : IDR. 2.180.000
quite expensive for earrings , but trust me it's worth it for your fashion statement and your status! 

Oh yeah, i was attend the KATE SPADE EVENT Swing By with Anastasia Siantar. 
did you guys attend the event too ? 

Do you love M.A.C? 
Which one your favorite products? 

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Friday, May 9, 2014


Yup, i'm back with events more an more. 
I love Kate Spade so much
Kate Spade is high end brand but with affordable price, This brand is from New York!
 for the price itself, for Bag, only from 3.000.000 - 9.000.000 
and clutch from 2.000.000

So, i was attend the event at Galeries Lafayette , Pasific Place Mall, South Jakarta! 
The event was at 5 pm till 8 pm. 
a lot of media and VIP guests came to join and take a look for this new stuffs from Kate Spade!

What i love from Kate Spade is the range of colors! 
It's spring summer time which mean let's play with bright and pastel colors! 
Turquoise, Bright Pink, Orange, Yellow, White and Black! 

how cute is that! 
sky cloud colors! 

Anastasia Siantar and I were attend the events. 
I have met her couples times at events. 
She is no doubt gorgeous and stunning. Love her style so much.
I was applied : 
CC cream by tony moly 
Estee Lauder compact powder 
Nars Blush on 
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer 
Mac Rebel lipstick 
elise false lashes 
make up for ever aqua brow 
and make up store gel liner!

as the guest, we could pick this lemon and let's see what I get 

So, i got 10 percent off which is good news. 
That's my bag from Kate Spade , i bought it a long time ago. 
and my fave ring from queenpee , California! 

I love Kate Spade. 
how about you ? 
see you in the next events fashion people 

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Acqua Di Parma Mediterranean Launch Party

Yes it is all about Acqua Di Parma! 
best perfume which last till the next day! Trust me. 
Price doesn't lie at all! hahhaaa 

The location was placed at Plaza Indonesia, Glow Living beauty! 
Glow Living Beauty Carrying so many brands, Paul Mitchelle, Dkny , Elie Sabb, Versace, perfume, Ysl, Shu Uemura, Nyx, Elizabeth Arden and many more. 
Acqua di Parma perfume is exclusive only at Plaza Indonesia. 

Acqua Di Parma launch their new fragrance, called Colonia. 
Acqua Di Parma is italian perfume, which is so damn good. Smells like heaven! Oh God. 
Media Partner by Prestige Magazine, Destinasian Magazine and Da Man Magazine. 

cc" shopatglow
the Huge Bottle of happiness is ACQUA DI PARMA 
smells os summer spring! 
so damn good and lovely scent which last till your next day in little spray! 
Yeah, price talks louder than words! 

cc: shopatglow
Aura Reader! 
Yeah as guest you can enjoy this service and you got what perfume of Acqua Di Parma suits you best. I mean the type of perfume. 

Stefanie and I were at Acqua Di Parma Luanching Party. 
What i wear was : 
Arithalia Floral blue dress 
Kate Spade Bag 
L.A.M.B shoes , type : Nydia , You can buy it from Rococostore Plaza Indonesia

make up for ever aqua brow 
tony moly cc cream 
shu uemura lipstick 
elise lashes premium collections 
tony moly cat wink powder 
make up store gel liner 
Urban decay naked 3 eyeshadow

What's your favorite perfume ? 
Have you ever tried this Acqua di parma? 
I have the blue version which ois older version. 
And i have to get this one into my collections of perfume itself. 

have a good day! 

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review : Make Up : Make Up Store Gel Liner

Have you heard about this brand ? 
I mean this brand is totally awesome. 
called Make Up Store 
Make Up Store in Indonesia is only at Plaza Indonesia and Gandaria City. 
The counter is at second floor i guess. because make up store moved from the first place, which near longchamp and godiva! 

So let's get started 

Product Details : 

Price : IDR. 220.000 / 24 $

Power :good. But since i don't have lid, so i have to wait a little bit longer, cause the texture is very creamy

Color : Very Intense 

Application : Very easy to apply and blendable 

Packaging : Good , easy to travel with. 

Texture : Gel Liner and Very Creamy  

i think it is just a little bit smudge. 
you have to make it dry first

all i used for bottom and upper is from make up store gel liner. 
My lower and upper eyeliner with make up store. 
not so many people love to use gel liner at the bottom, but since the make up store is very good and could make it happen. Lol . i mean stay all day long. 

So, what's your fave gel liner?

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