Sunday, April 6, 2014


What Puberty did to me? 
that's the question. 

well i'm sure that we have changed a lot about our appearance. 

and i think it is good to share with you guys all. 

and let's compare our then and now look! 

what style that you have been in love into. 

i'm sure that you guys perhaps in 2010 , " ooh i love Cute style" , meanwhile in 2014 " ewww for cute 
i want to be adult look which professional or polish look " 

well that's all is every part of us , right ? 
there is no wrong with that. 

and that's why i'm going to talk about this. 

okay so this is my Then and Now look.  
first thing first, you see huge different looks, right? Yeah i have grown up, so our age actually would change our appearance and what we liked about. As you can see on picture number one (1) , the moment was when i had no idea about makeup. 
If i know abut make up stuffs, it gonna be powder and eyeliner. 
powder yes . But i have no idea how to put good or correct way to use eyeliner. 

Do you guys agree with me when you pass this moment ? 
i'm absolutely sure that you have been through this way. picture no 2, hmmm the moment when i wanted to learn about makeup, and i was learning from youtube. the moment when i loved cute style or korean /japanese look. lashes of course. 
but still i don't know the correct way. 
Just try my best about make up. Cause i want to look good.. Pic no 3, my curiosity about make up was getting bigger than ever. So, I took makeup course, and that's the result, but still want to look young, fun, cute as well.
the moment when i buy every make up that i want without doubt.
if i love it , i buy it. yeah that crazy moment . lol
pic no 4 , yeah the moment when I didn't want to put eye contacts on. Prefer wore glasses than circle lens. Then the eye makeup was a little bit dramatic, Arabian eye makeup, colorful, big brows as well. No cute style . hate it to be honest pic no 5 and 6 , this is what i look now. I don't like cute style, prefer mature but couture, classy not trashy of course. And i love high pointed brows, I don't like Straight eyebrow (never!!!! ) 
eye makeup inspired by arabian makeup which full eyeliner, dramatic eyeshadow color, and dramatic lashes are a must.  
i want to be lady , not a girl anymore. so how's your then and now look? share with me. xo

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  1. Hey! I nominated you for Liebster Award! :)

  2. yang pic 1 kayak sunnydahye, salah satu youtuber dari indonesia :D
    dari dulu cece udah cantik, makin ke sini makin cantik :3


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