Friday, April 25, 2014

Koleksi Sepatu by Dollhouse Asia, Marisa L Nasution

If you want to know about my friends, yeah they are shoes! 
i love heels so much and hate flats one! 
i want to look taller and elegant in the same time. 

So, i'm a big fan of Pumps! 
oh my Lord, she is so freakin gorgeous and so kind. 
I love her and big fan of her! 
She has launched the shoes line from 2010 i guess, called dollhouseasia. 
I have made the blogpost before, if you want to know just check this HERE

So, i think it's right time to make blog post about this collection. 
Now, actually SS14. Spring Summer 2014. 
So, all the fashion has to be all theme of the season. 
Flowers, lace, bright colors, pastel, airy dress and many more. 

So, this is my must have and fave shoes from Dollhouseasia by Marissa Nasution, perfect for spring summer guys! 

with Todd Anthony Tyler at Plaza Indonesia 

How's it? what do you think? 
You can purchase all bout shoes at Dollhouseasia 
or follow instagram @dollhouseasia 
reasonable price, good quality and customer service! 
plus free shipping to Indonesia! 
wow!!! good deal right ? 

So, what's your spring summer shoes? 

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