Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Riri Woo Lipstick Review

Udah pada tahu lah pastinya sama Brand yang satu ini, Mac Cosmetics. 
Well, Mac Cosmetics telah berkolaborasi dengan banyak Artist Hollywood, diantaranya adalah Rihanna, Lady Gaga, dan my Idol NICKI MINAJ. 

To be honest, i have so many pink lipsticks, which kinda similar than others. 
And i don't have the Red one much. So itulah sebabnya kenapa aku beli yang Red Lipstick dari koleksi Rihanna! 


so, let's get started guys! 

this is how it looks. 
the packaging is very elegant. 
Gold ornaments , and written in Pink. 
so Glam, isn't it ?

Price : 230.000 IDR. 

Texture : Matte Lipstick 
Long last, so you don't have to be worry. 
No shiny or glossy looks, since this is Matte Lipstick. 
Very nice for Light to Medium skin tone! 

This one actually same with Ruby Woo. 

Well, it always happens to me that I purchase something that kinda similar that I wear. The eye shadow that I wear actually same colors with the statemtent earrings that I purchased. This one from M.Haskell . You can buy it at Rococo Plaza Indonesia . 
Price? iDR. 390.000. 
Yeah rococo store has been my fave store. 
They are carry sih high end brand shoes ,jewelry, scarf, hat and bags. 

So, dare to wear red lips?

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  1. cakepppp... keren makeup nya!
    suka banget ama red lips nya <3

  2. Haii Maya thank you for the complimen dear.

  3. Hi say, kalo Riri nya mau dijual, kabarin aku yaaaa...tx ;)


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