Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review : Shu Uemura Pore Eraser

Shu Uemura is one of my favorite brand.
I'm always in love with this Japanese Brand. 

Not gonna make too long convo, I'm going to review one of my holy grail primer. It's Shu Uemura Pore Eraser. 

Shake it very well before you pump it! 

The color is beige and i think it suits for every tones . 

Tips : 
- you have to shake it very well. 
- it comes in mousse. so be careful guys when you push the button, you will get mousse and don't push it too hard since you will get tons of mousse. Lol . 
- you can apply it after you apply your moisturizer. 
- dab motions for flawless result . 
- apply it with your fingers, cause if you sponge- it could absorb like hell into your sponge. Don't waste the money to absorb on your sponge - not face . ( my opinion ) 

The price. It's 550.000 

- long lasting make up if you apply this before foundation. 
- helps uneven skin 
- Matte finish - no oily at all. 
- minimize your pores 
- 2 in 1 function ; make up base + UV protection. 
-erased the redness on your face. 

Well guys this one is matte finish so it's perfect for you who has oily or combo skin . 
But if you have dry skin and your foundie is so dewy, this primer could be best for you since you don't have to look so glossy or oily on your face . 

Actually you can find this one on sheer finish. But i prefer this matte one cause my lightbulb foundie have dewy result. 

You can find this on Sogo , Metro , Lotte department store. 

Bye ! 
See you on next post! 
Love ya bugs! 

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