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Introducing New Concept of Estee Lauder Counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue

How's your weekend after Valentine's day? 
Mine is Great!!! 
Thanks to Ce Carnellin to arrange this event and of course Erfan, PR of Estee Lauder Indonesia. 

So, there were face chart competition for everyone! 
you regret if you didn't join! the Prize is AMAZING!

Okay, so actually the location at Lotte Shopping Avenue Kuningan! 
thank God it's saturday , means no heavy traffic!!! LOL 
Start at 2 pm. 

Estee Lauder has changed a lot. I mean progress very very well!
Estee Lauder Indonesia proudly introducing it's new concept counter, a sense of beauty, modernity, quality and confidence of today's Estee Lauder woman. 
New Beauty Advisor's uniform and new concept of the counter too! 
This Counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue Kuningan is the 21 counters of estee lauder! 
this is the new one, the new vision of beauty! 

So how's it ? 
Let's check this out !!!!!
If you think about Estee Lauder, first thing on my mind is navy blue and gold.
And that's the inspiration of it. Look at the outfit! 
Blazer, Suit, Dresses and Pants are represent of Estee Lauder! 

Look at that the PR OF Estee Lauder, Erfan! 
He is so damn fashionable, isn't it? 
Erfan explain about the new concept of outfit! 
The outfit is following the Beauty Advisor Body Shape. 
So, if you think look good with Blazer, the BA grab and wear the Blazer. 
Or for skinny BA, she can use Peplum dress which so feminine! 

The crowd! Enthusiasm of Beauty Blogger took a pic about the demo and explanation of Erfan and new outfit!  

So serious to listen the explanation! 

the crowd!

Skin care line! Erfan asked the Beauty Blogger to look around over the counter! 
He explain about everything. 
some of the new features include a full skincare regiment tester bar that clearly navigate customers to help answer their skin concerns, whether you are 25 years old with concerns of first sign of aging, or you have a very sophisticated regiment, the bar will clearly guide the customer through extensive skincare line. 
So, ga ada lali kata kata ini estee Lauder brand "mama - mama", karena semua nya bisa mendapatkan solusi terbaik lewat brand ini.
You will always find the best solutions for your skin problem with help from Beauty ADVISOR ! 

Estee Lauder products range is not only about Make Up and Skincare!!!! 
Perfume too! The scents are Great! Warm, Sexy, Seductive, Calm and many more. 
I recommend you to Visit the Counter to try it on and decide which scent suit you best! 
Because i think that perfume that you applied should be represent your personality!  

Make Up range! I mean Lipstick! 
in every corner, aspiring quality fixture definitions are developed to visually and emotianally connect with the diverse range of products suitable for every skin type, for every age, for every woman who aspired to be always be at their best and most beautiful . 

Complexion range! Your favorite foundie which amazing. 
It stays without touch up. stays up to 15 hours and the color is not oxidize at all. 
so find your perfect shade. ask the BA to help you find the perfect shade!

Face Chart demo! 
To create something like in the face chart into the model. 

endi Feng as one of the winner! 
love the colors tho! 
green and yellow. what a perfect combination! 
her model is gorgeous too!

The Make Up Kit! 
so Gorgeous right? You can go anywhere with this! It's so freakin complete!!!!

Erfan, Indra, Ka Shinta and I! 
#rumpicantik #temukangen 
My OOTD : 
Top : Ayumi Boutique Atom Mall Surabaya. 
Pants : Secret Boutiqye Atom Mall Surabaya. 
Watch : DKNY Review here
Ring : Queenpee 
Hair : Peter F Saerang Plaza Indonesia. 

How's your day? 
have you visit Estee Lauder Counter? 
believe that every woman can be beauiful. 

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