Monday, January 27, 2014

Review : Oscar Blandi Hair Treatment

My hair care regime. 
Yeah my fave is from Oscar Blandi. 
so excited that Oscar Blandi is available in Indonesia. 
You can find this on Kota Kasablanka, Plaza Senayan and Beauty Box. 

Oscar Blandi is one of products for your hair care regime. 
No matter what your hair problem is, Oscar Blandi will provide you. 
Whether you want volume hair or straight hair or for your colored hair. 

For me , since I have straight hair, all i need is to make my hair more volume. 
and i love to styling my hair. 
I need hairspray to make my hair stand longer with the styling. 
Shampoo and Conditioner to make my hair Voluminous 
not only hairspray, shampoo , conditioner but also styling cream and serum for straight hair to make it volume! 
From Left : Hairspray, Styling Cream, Jasmine oil serum and Conditioner. 
for shampoo and conditioner on sample size . I bought the full size but i have to use the sample size first. The full size is on my bathroom already. forgot to take pic. 

Shampoo and Conditioner : 
  • Very smooth to your hair 
  • This one for Volumizing your hair directly. But of course not too much.
  • very nice smells. I cannot describe it, but trust me it is very good. it last on my hair few hours 

Before you dry you hair with your hairdryer, you better put your hair protector and serum on your hair. 
My heat protector is from Paul Mitchell. from Italy 
Spray it first then you can apply your serum. 
Serum using Jasmine Oil from Oscar Blandi. 
The reason why I don't use heat protector from Oscar Blandi is because I still got my Paul Mitchell. I don't want spend money on same thing. hhehehe

  • This one is travel size. Comes with Glossing Cream 
  • Gives Shine to your hair. 
  • 15 ml perfect for travel size 
  • Comes in pump 
  • The Jasmine oil's smells give you calm. and it feels so good 
  • Soothing and relaxing quality 
  • minimizes frizz 
  • You can apply it wet or dry. But I love to apply it wet
  • then you can dry your hair 
  • 327.000 IDR

  • This one is Glossing Cream 
  • Travel Size 
  • Comes with Jasmine Oil serum 
  • 50 ml 
  • Apply this after your styling for finishing touch 
  • Shine Instantly

  • After your dry your hair. Now you can styling your hair. You want curls or even with your straightener. 
  • This one is 6.3 oz full size 
  • This hairspray make your hair more volume, shine and of course hold your styling. 
  • This hairspray is not give your hair stiff , hard. Alias hairspray ini ga buat rambut kalian kaku! 
  • Price : 339.000 i guess 
  • Smells good 



see you

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