Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review and Tips agar Warna Eyeshadow Tahan Lama

Hi beauty lovers. 
Your eyeshadow is greasy, or the color is not pop enough ? 
I will let you know the secret . 
Males banget pastinya Lihat eye make up or eyeshadow yang warna Nya ga keluar or gampang luntur istilahnya. 

Eye base is very important for eye make up. 
Eye base could lock the eyeshadow, and make the color pop! 
This way is highly recommend if you have oily lids , but doesn't mean not recommend for peps who have normal lid . Pastinya Pengen kan mata kita jadi lebih Indah dengan bantuan eyeshadow, itulah sebabnya mengapa kalian Butuh yg namanya eye base. 

So today I'm going to show you and review my holy grail products. 
Mac. I'm sure that you guys know it already since Mac is huge brand.


  • Comes in so many shades, soft ochre, painterly and many more
  • comes in Pot
  • Last longer 
  • make your eyeshadow's color pop
  • around : 25$
  • easy to apply 
  • blend very well 
  • you can use your finger or brush to apply this to your entire lid 
  • available at Mac store . PIM, GI or Sogo Plaza Senayan
  • Not make your lid oily. u use it all day long 
left : without soft ochre 
right : applied soft ochre first then your fave eyeshadow 
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Untuk Eyeshadow dan complexion sendiri, disini aku pakai NAKED 3 dan Chanel . 
Review soon ya :) :) 
Bye Guys

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