Monday, January 13, 2014

Best Zero Smudge Eyeliner

Hello Everyone. It is pleasure to see you comeback to my website. 
Thanks for visiting my website. 
Well, Let's review again!!!
Right now, I'm going to review about Eyeliner. 
I am absolutely sure that everyone who loves make up cannot forget to apply eyeliner, right ?
Eyeliner is a must!!! 
Eyeliner helps your eyes looks larger, define and dramatic too. 
It's all depend on how you apply it. 
As i have promised before, I promised you to tell you about what I bought from my last shopping.

So, I guess, you are all already known what brand that I'm going to review
Yeah true, all about Estee Lauder.
Well, I'm a big fan of this Brand.
For make up, I trust all my brand to western brand, such as Estee Lauder and many more.
Always there is one products at least of Estee Lauder on My make up bag and traveling make up bag.

Well, the eyeliner, called Zero Smudge Liquid Liner
Zero Smudge? Really?
it is hard to apply eyeliner without left any smudge, i have small eyes.
Actually I hesitated to buy this Eyeliner,because my experienced used eyeliner and left smudge.
Then, Michael asked me to try it, and i tried it.
After that, I applied it to my eyes and I closed my eyes for 1-2 minutes to let it dry
But, Michael laughed and told me to open my eyes directly without wait any minutes.
I didn't trust him that time, and he asked me to apply it on my right eyes. (the first apply is left)
and I followed him for the right eyes without wait any minutes.
And what I found was, it was really amazing and has left no smudge at all.
I feel like " For Real? No smudge left ? "
I checked the mirror more than once and it was true that No Smudge Left

Directly i said to Michael that I buy this eyeliner too!!!!
Yay, my new baby in my make up bag.

Products Details:

Pros : 

1. No Smudge. That's why the name is Zero Smudge
2. Easy to apply 
3. Intensive Color
4. Stays on all day and night doesn't crack
5. What I love most is very very easy to remove or take it off!!! It is like crystallized when you use eye make up remover. I just don't know why some people said that this eyeliner is a bit difficult to take off, perhaps they don't know the way to remove it correctly.
6. Dries quickly
7. Elegant packaging
8. Price : 280.000 IDR ($28).
I know the price isn't cheap, but for the quality of the product I am fine with it. That's why I put it as Pros. Should be in Cons for the expensive price, but since the quality and no smudge left, I decided it as Pros.
Cons :
1. Nothing

So my final opinion is, if you are looking for amazing eyeliner which left no smudge and lasts all day long,
I recommend you to buy this Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner.
Don't worry about the price, because it is very worth with the quality like that. 
Thanks you
See in next post.

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  1. bagus sih hasilnya... tapi dompetnya yang meringis .. wkwkwk
    nice review lid ! :D


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